State of the Sector IV

The State of the Sector IV research adds to the already broad and in-depth knowledge of the sector by examining many of the key issues currently affecting and shaping it.
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Therefore the fourth edition will look at the size, scope and nature of the various and diverse sub-sectors that constitute the voluntary and community sector.

Key findings include:

  • Current estimates place the overall size of the voluntary and community sector in the region of 4,500 organisations.
  • Community development and education and training are the most common primary purposes of organisations in the voluntary and community sector (16.9% and 14.9% respectively)
  • The total income of the sector was £614.56 million in 2003/04 falling by 10% (£72.9 million), in real terms, since 2000/01.
  • The general public gives £199 million (32% of total income) to the sector. This equates to £12.72 per person per month.
  • Total expenditure in 2003/04 was £590.59 million. This equates to 96.1% of total income.
  • Staff costs accounted for 52.9% of total expenditure (£312.32 million)
  • Total assets of the voluntary and community sector were worth £755.84 million in 2003/04.
  • There are an estimated 28,932 paid employees in the voluntary and community sector. Seven out of every ten employees are females.
  • There are an estimated 75,780 volunteers formally attached to voluntary and community organisations.

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