State of the Sector V

State of the Sector V assesses how the voluntary and community sector is funded, how many people it employs and how many volunteers are involved with organisations.
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State of the Sector V covers a distinct period of time at the beginning of the current economic crisis that is currently driving the UK economy into recession. Tthe research provides high level statistics on the various types of resources available to the sector and the relationship between voluntary and community organisations, government, funders and the general public.

Key findings include:

  • There are an estimated 4,700 voluntary and community sector organisations in Northern Ireland. 
  • Since 2003/04 income has fallen by 7.2% which reflects a reduction in the amount of funding available across a number of sources. 
  • Income from the sale of goods and services accounted for 50.8% of total income, up by 16.0% since 2003/04 as a proportion of total income.
  • Income generated from donations made by the general public has fallen as has the number of people choosing to make donations to voluntary and community organisations.
  • Voluntary and community organisations spent an estimated £544.4 million in 2006/07 - 95.4 of the total income for the sector.
  • The costs associated with generating funds represent 3.7% of total expenditure (£20.2 million). 
  • Total assets of the voluntary and community sector were worth £737.5 million in 2006/07, with liabilities of £214.7 million.
  • The sector now employs an estimated 26,737 individuals (this represents 3.7% of the total Northern Ireland workforce) compared with 28,932 in 2005. 
  • Raising or handling money is the most common activity for 43.9% of the 87,723 volunteers to be involved with a voluntary and community organisation.
  • 19.4% of organisations believe that the general health of their organisation will  worsen over the next year.
  • 39.1% of respondents stated that they believe that mergers between voluntary and community organisations will increase over the next year.

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