#TicktheBox for Gift Aid – why it’s important

25 Mar 2024 Jocelyn Horton    Last updated: 25 Mar 2024

Every year, charities miss out on £560m in unclaimed Gift Aid. As we face a tough funding climate with increasing costs, encouraging your supporters to #TicktheBox means we can make an even bigger difference in these tough times.

What is gift aid?

Simply put, Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to claim additional funds— boosting each donation without costing donors a penny extra.

When a registered charity or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) receives a donation from a UK taxpayer, the charity is entitled to claim an extra 25% paid on that donation from HMRC.

So, a £20 donation processed with Gift Aid becomes a £25 donation!

Gift Aid is important for charities and means millions of pounds extra go to the charity sector. Each time an eligible taxpayer donates and forgets to tick the Gift Aid box, the money stays with HMRC and the charity misses out.

Gift Aid Awareness Day 3 October 2024

Every October, charities across the UK take to social media for Gift Aid Awareness Day to encourage their donors to #TicktheBox.

This is your chance to spread the word and let your donors know the importance of Gift Aid to your charity.

It takes donors seconds to do, and they only have to do it one time.

And once a donor has completed the Gift Aid declaration form, you can even claim Gift Aid retrospectively on donations of more than £30 for up to 4 years from the end of the financial period in which you received it.

Is it worth your time?

Recently Dementia NI audited their income streams and identified that they have missed out on around £75,000 simply because their donors did not #TicktheBox.

Imagine what you could do with that!

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