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Grounded Conversation revisited

By NICVA 22 Oct 2021 Lynda Gould

'Grounded' is an opportunity for practioners to share their thinking about the current challenges of engaging in community work that is shaped by faith.

Five resources for building cyber security in small charities

By NICVA 21 Oct 2021 Stephen Gray

The National Cyber Security Centre provide a broad range of advice and guidance to help organisations improve their cyber security. Here are five to build on your cyber security knowledge and practice.

Glossary of Digital Terms

By NICVA 5 Oct 2021 Jocelyn Horton

In many specialised areas, acronyms, initials and terminology will feature as is the case with the digital community. To help you understand, communicate and navigate this world, this glossary provides useful definitions related to Fundraising Articles

Individual Giving recording

By NICVA 20 Sep 2021 Sandra Bailie

On 16 September 2021 Pebblebeach delivered a webinar on Individual Giving. Below is a recording of this webinar in case you missed attending.

Reserves policy guidance

By NICVA 19 Jan 2021 Denise Copeland

A reserves policy helps trustees to justify holding appropriate levels of financial reserves to protect against future uncertainties. It is something which various stakeholders may be interested in viewing from time to time.

Results of NICVA Research on the Impact of Covid-19 on Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations

By NICVA 7 Jan 2021

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic NICVA has been carrying out regular surveys to find out how NI Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations and their activities and services are being impacted. Read more about the findings here.

COVID-19 Charities Fund - FAQs

By NICVA 15 Dec 2020 Lynn Kennedy

NICVA's resource giving the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the COVID-19 Charities Fund.

Joint NICVA SCVO WCVA Position Statement on UK Shared Prosperity Fund

By NICVA 19 Nov 2020 Geoff Nuttall

This joint statement by NICVA and its sister Councils in Scotland and Wales (SCVO & WCVA) calls for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, a fund designed to replace EU funding post-Brexit, to be devolved and rolled out according to five key principles

ESF Users Briefing on Future Replacement of ESF Funding Post-Brexit

By NICVA 12 Nov 2020 Geoff Nuttall

This briefing paper, developed by NICVA's ESF Users Group, sets out urgent recommendations to government for ensuring the replacement of vital EU funding (ESF) helping thousands of vulnerable people in NI integrate into society and employment

Templates for Charities Completing Receipts and Payments Accounts

By NICVA 7 Oct 2020 Michele Crilly

These templates are for charities completing receipts and payments accounts. They include a trustees' annual report template, receipts and payments accounts template and an independent examiner's report (unqualified).

Whistleblowing Policy

By NICVA 25 Sep 2020 Alex Hastings

This article outlines NICVA's policy on whistleblowing.

Your Questions to Government and Latest Answers

By NICVA 24 Apr 2020 Geoff Nuttall

Please go to updated version here -

Fundraising advice and resources COVID-19

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie

A list of useful guidance, resources and links to websites to help you during this difficult time

Campaign Planner - Questions to consider when planning your campaign

By NICVA 19 Jul 2019 Siobhan McAlister

Campaigning on important issues is essential to a healthy democracy. The voluntary and community sector has expertise, evidence and experience across a range of issues and plays an important role in influencing policy and effecting positive change.

Policy and Campaigning Groups NI

By NICVA 4 Jul 2019 Siobhan McAlister

Find out which groups are campaigning on issues in the voluntary and community sector in NI and details on how to link up with them.

Developing a governance planning framework

By NICVA 20 Jun 2019 Denise Copeland

Creating a governance calendar is a very practical and effective way for organisations to develop their own planning framework to help them identify their key governance events and requirements throughout the course of a year.

Impact at the heart of annual reporting

By NICVA 13 Jun 2019 Sandra Bailie

This resource outlines the importance of demonstrating impact in our reporting, how to get the most out of reporting, what you need to do to embed impact, as well as signposting to a range of useful resources.

Data Protection Toolkit - Contracts and Data Sharing

By NICVA 22 May 2019 Bob Harper

It's often crucial that charitable organisations share personal data with others to provide important services to people in need. This could include work with service delivery partners, reporting to funders or making referrals.

Policy Impact Hub case study: Social Prescribing

By NICVA 29 Mar 2019 Philip Mynes

This case study explains how the Healthy Living Centre Alliance is playing a role in the growing movement towards social prescribing in Northern Ireland

GDPR Animation Series

By NICVA 1 Mar 2019

We'll be launching a new animation over the first five months of 2019 on a different data protection topic. Stay tuned to this blog and NICVA Enews for more!

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