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NICVA summary briefing on UK Government Brexit paper on Northern Ireland & Ireland

By NICVA 18 Aug 2017 Geoff Nuttall

This briefing summarises the key proposals made in the UK Government's Brexit position paper on Northern Ireland and Ireland released on 16th August. The briefing also highlights issues around which NICVA intends to develop its response.

Briefing on Great Repeal (EU Withdrawal) Bill

By NICVA 25 Jul 2017 Geoff Nuttall

Useful briefing by the Legal Education Foundation on the Great Repeal/EU Withdrawal Bill designed to convert all pre-Brexit EU legislation in UK law, including commentary on key issues raised

Government Financial Support to Business in Northern Ireland - An Analysis

By NICVA 16 Jun 2017 Geoff Nuttall

Government support for the private sector in Northern Ireland is an important part of its economic strategy. This report considers how this support impacts on people on low incomes.

Recognising your volunteers

By NICVA 24 May 2017 Sandra Bailie

It is vitally important that we recognise all the work that volunteers do – they are often the “life-blood” in our organisations. In the same way as donors give of their money, volunteers give of their time and we want to thank them for all that they do.

Research Bank

By NICVA 13 Dec 2016 Rachel Shannon

A library of research publications and resources about the Voluntary and Community sector. This page will be updated with new research on a regular basis. Please contact Rachel Shannon if you would like a research publication added to the bank.

People with significant control register - PSC Register

By NICVA 4 Jul 2016 Denise Copeland

From 6 April 2016 companies, including not for profit companies, are legally required to keep a register of individuals or legal entities that have control over them, known as ‘people with significant control (PSC)’ and ‘relevant legal entities (RLEs)’

Public Procurement Practice in Northern Ireland

By NICVA 27 Jun 2016 Michael McGilligan

This research empirically tests some of the concerns that have been expressed in relation to contemporary procurement practice in Northern Ireland.

Shared Parental Leave Policy (SPL)

By NICVA 16 Jun 2016 Alex Hastings

NICVA understands the importance of balancing work and childcare responsibilities and this policy sets out how SPL may support a family to balance these commitments in the first year of the baby’s life. The policy contains NICVA’s procedure for SPL.

The Economic Value of Advice

By NICVA 11 May 2016 Michael McGilligan

This report was commissioned by NICVA’s Centre for Economic Empowerment to determine the economic/monetary impact of voluntary advice provision in Northern Ireland.

Costing Policies: A Toolkit for the Voluntary and Community Sector

By NICVA 10 May 2016 Michael McGilligan

A toolkit to help the voluntary and community sector make and present estimates of the financial costs to government of implementing their policy asks.

Economic Inequality in Northern Ireland

By NICVA 3 May 2016 Michael McGilligan

This report covers economic inequality in Northern Ireland – how high it is, how this compares to other countries, and how it has been changing.

Distributional Analysis and Weighting in Central Government Assessments

By NICVA 3 May 2016 Michael McGilligan

This report considers the use of distributional analysis and weighting in economic assessments within central government in Northern Ireland.

Developing a fundraising strategy

By NICVA 19 Apr 2016 Sandra Bailie

Successful fundraising starts with a fundraising strategy which should identify what resources will be required in order to reach a fundraising goal. A fundraising strategy isn't just about raising money, it helps you to meet your other charitable aims.

Untapping the Potential - Policy Manifesto 2016

By NICVA 15 Feb 2016 Lisa McElherron

The voluntary, community and social enterprise sector is good for Northern Ireland.

Are you ready to Tender?

By NICVA 10 Feb 2016

Organisations which are effective at tendering invest heavily in preparation; they have many standard documents ready well in advance of the tender notice being issued. This 'readiness questionnaire' will help identify areas to action.

Checklist of Questions for Partners Considering Collaboration

By NICVA 10 Feb 2016

This checklist is a simple guide to typical questions each partner will need to ask when considering collaborative working.

Collaborative Tendering Action Plan

By NICVA 10 Feb 2016

This is a simple table for you and your partner organisations to list actions that need to be taken to develop or improve your approach to tendering, the timeline they will be completed within, and who in you collaboration will take the lead.

Organisational Readiness Action Plan

By NICVA 10 Feb 2016

In order to ensure your organisation(s) are ready to jointly tender invest time now preparing. This template outlines the key areas you will need to have addressed in advance to have the best chance of success when submitting a joint tender bid.

Governance Action Plan for Collaboration

By NICVA 10 Feb 2016

This template action plan will allow you to list the actions your organisation will need to take to be prepared for collaborative working, who will be responsible for each action, and when each action will be completed by.

Board Checklist for Planning Collaboration

By NICVA 10 Feb 2016

This board checklist is a simple guide to typical questions your board will need to ask when considering collaborative working.

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