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Top Tips for Collaboration from Collaboration Champions

By NICVA 10 Feb 2016

Top tips for collaborating are shared by a few of our 'Collaboration Champions'; sector leaders who know first hand the challenges and benefits of working in collaboration.


By NICVA 13 Jan 2016

Interest in mergers across the VCSE sector is growing and these may be appropriate where organisations are sufficiently compatible. This guidance gives an overview of the merger process and uses local case studies to illustrate some of the challenges.

Joint Working for Public Service Delivery: a model of collaborative working

By NICVA 13 Jan 2016

This guidance is designed to assist VCSE organisations considering joint working arrangements to deliver public services. It highlights the importance of putting a collaboration agreement in place to outline how costs and responsibility will be shared.

Sharing Back Office Services

By NICVA 13 Jan 2016

A volatile financial environment and increasing operating expenses and demand for services are causing organisations to look at innovation and change. This guidance note explores ‘shared services’ and some of the processes, risks and benefits involved.

Collaborating to Win Tenders

By NICVA 13 Jan 2016

As commissioners demand more innovation and expertise in contracted services collaboration between organisations is an attractive option. This guidance explains the potential challenges of joint tendering and how organisations can best prepare to respond.

Due Diligence

By NICVA 13 Jan 2016

When considering merger or joint working, due diligence is the process of investigation organisations undertake to obtain a better picture of the other organisation(s) involved, including their assets, liabilities and any potential risks.

Advice to Boards on Collaboration

By NICVA 13 Jan 2016

This guidance outlines the responsibilities of directors and trustees of VCSE organisations in relation to collaboration and provides useful information to ensure good governance oversight and appropriate board involvement in any collaborative process.

Good Governance: fundamental principles for collaboration

By NICVA 13 Jan 2016

This guidance outlines the eight fundamental principles and duties of trustees of boards of VCSE organisations. Together these form the building blocks of good governance for collaboration.

A Practical Guide to Collaborative Working

By NICVA 13 Jan 2016

This practical guidance is designed to assist organisations involved in, or considering, collaboration by providing an overview of the key issues that can influence collaborative working. Links to NI case studies are included to illustrate best practice.

How could the rates review affect your organisation?

By NICVA 9 Dec 2015 Bob Harper

The review of the non-domestic rating system makes some proposals around the current exemptions that charitable organisations receive on their properties. Voluntary and community organisations could be affected. Here we examine how.

The Fiscal Implications of an Older Population in Northern Ireland

By NICVA 24 Nov 2015 Michael McGilligan

This research aims to identify the fiscal impact of the changing age profile of Northern Ireland.

Could/Should you apply for EU funding?

By NICVA 16 Nov 2015 Deirdre Murphy

Access Europe recommends a 7-step process that each organisation should follow to decide whether to apply to a specific EU fund.

Boost performance by motivating staff

By NICVA 11 Sep 2015 Sandra Bailie

As managers we need to consider how we continuously improve the performance of our staff. Research by The Incentive Research Foundation found that by motivating our staff it can boost performance by as much as 44%.

Does automatic enrolment apply to you?

By NICVA 29 Jul 2015 Una McKernan

All employers will need to work out if automatic enrolment (AE) applies to them. If you have at least one member of staff who is paid via a PAYE scheme, AE duties apply.

New Councils Key Contacts - Chief Executives

By NICVA 31 Mar 2015 Jenna Maghie

As the 11 new Super Councils take their powers on 1st of April 2015 the list below outlines key contacts in each of the new areas

Data Protection Guidelines

By NICVA 31 Mar 2015 Peter Hamill

Information provided on the principles of data protection by the Information Commissoners Office

Fostering Innovation Through Public Procurement

By NICVA 19 Mar 2015 Bob Harper

This report examines how public procurement in Northern Ireland can better encourage innovation – the creation of new processes, products, ideas and services.

NICVA Response to Rate Rebate Scheme Consultation

By NICVA 26 Feb 2015 Bob Harper

This is NICVA's response to the Department of Finance and Personnel's consultation 'Long-term Options for Rates Rebate Replacement Scheme'

The Financial Benefits of the Supporting People Programme in Northern Ireland

By NICVA 21 Jan 2015 Bob Harper

This report estimates the costs that would be incurred if the Supporting People programme were to cease.

NICVA Response to NI Executive Draft Budget 2015-16

By NICVA 24 Dec 2014 Bob Harper

This paper contains NICVA’s reflections on public finances in general, our learning from our participation in this particular consultation process, and comments on each departmental spending plan.

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