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Spam email offering supposed Attendee List for fake NICVA event

We've had a couple of reports about a spam email that sent from "Mina Wylie, Marketing Executive" offering attendee lists for a supposed NICVA event. 

Securing your Social Media Privacy

With the recent public outcry regarding how Facebook have used it’s user’s personal information, and a not so shocking nosedive in share prices as a result, it’s time to look at your own privacy and reduce your social media surface area.

Important Microsoft Donation Changes – 1 April 2018

As of 1 April 2018 Microsoft will introduce changes to their non-profit donation programme which could possibly affect your IT budget, but it's not all bad news!

Cyber Security is a key issue for Charities: take action with the Charity Discount for Cyber Essentials Accreditation Programme

During Cyber Resilience Week 2017 (11-15 September 2017) charities are being offered discounted certification to the Government’s Cyber Essentials certification scheme, which is proven to reduce the threat of data breeches by over 80%.

NICVA becomes 1st charity in NI to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

NICVA recognises the importance of a secure infrastructure and data in an insecure world, therefore we are proud to announce that we are certified and fully compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme.

Cyberfraudsters are targeting Northern Ireland charities

One of NICVA’s members was recently the victim of a highly sophisticated cyberfraud. 

Cyber Essentials Guidance

NICVA successfully achieved Cyber Essentials certification earlier this year and now more than ever we need to stress the importance of implementing a good Cyber Security policy in your organisation.

Cyber Security: Risk, Governance and Reputation

As part of our Data Friday series, we recently discussed Data Protection and Cyber Security in the voluntary and community sector and how to manage the risks and potential impact on organisations reputations.

Data Fridays

Once a month we focus on a data related topic to help organisations navigate through the opportunities and responsibilities in the age of digital transformation.

50% off Digital DNA event

We are delighted to announce that NICVA will be partnering with Digital DNA to provide our members with inspirational and practical insight into the critical role of technology within organisations.

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