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Social Policy 191
Health 152
Politics 150
Policy 145
Sector Issues 135
Funding 117

We provide access to regular, reliable and up-to-date funding information to help the sector, from resources to help your funding applications succeed, to GrantTracker our dedicated funding toolkit; a valuable resource for charities and communities.

Equality 110
Economy 95

NICVA's Centre for Economic Empowerment (CEE) programme is a think-tank, set up to help the sector become better informed about economic issues and take part more effectively in economic policy debates. We carry out research, and run training courses and masterclasses on a wide range of currrent economic issues.

Charity Regulation 86

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has now commenced compulsory registration of charities.  We provide the sector with the most up to date information on the key changes in charity regulation.  For the latest on new charity regulations and a history of recent charity law reform in NI, please see our dedicated charity regulation webpage

Fundraising 75

Groups need to diversify their fundraising and ensure they have durable and reliable sources of income to take them into the future. By developing a fundraising mix groups can be more sustainable and reduce the risk of having too much funding concentrated in one source. We provide resources, training and guidance on how to develop your fundraising techniques and sources. Find out more on our Fundraising Hub.

Education 70
Welfare Reform 66

The proposed welfare reforms have been widely described as the most radical shake up of the social security system in over 40 years. The aim of the reforms and subsequent Bill is to simplify the benefits system, improve work incentives to encourage claimants to move from benefits to work and reduce administration costs. However, the implementation of the changes will impact upon a significant percentage of the working age population in Northern Ireland.

Mental Health 64
Governance 62

Our Governance and Charity Advice Service offers information and practical help about good governance for charities on a wide range of topics listed below. You can find out more about governance issues on our Governance and Charity Advice webpage or view our Governance Advice Notes for further support.

CollaborationNI 52
Training 52

We support the development of a strong, effective and diverse voluntary and community sector and offer training to help organisations develop staff and meet objectives. For more information on our training visit our Training and Skills page.

Members 47
NICVA Staff Handbook 47

In response to the high volume or enquiries we get about staff terms and conditions, we have made our NICVA Staff Handbook available for our members and the voluntary and community sector. Please note these are not sample policies but may be used for reference purposes.

You can find out more about HR issues on our HR hub.

Peace Process 36
Budget 34

We provide information and insights on the Northern Ireland Executive’s budget, including the in-year process, departmental spending plans and public consultation matters. For more information on the 2015-2016 Budget visit our dedicated Budget Hub.

Open Data 34

Open Data is data that for anyone can use, reuse and share. We think that open data (and the use of data in general) brings huge benefits to the voluntary and community sector, as well as society in Northern Ireland. That's why we run the Detail Data project and ODI Belfast.

Data protection 33

Data protection is becoming an increasingly important issue for voluntary and community organisations as people become more aware of the need to handle information properly and the financial and reputational risks of getting it wrong. This section will provide news and practical resources you can use relating to data protection.

Employing People 33

Employing and managing staff well is a key issue for all community and voluntary organisations. These resources will help you when you are devising policies relating to managing staff.  

Community Relations 32
Environment 30
EU Referendum and Brexit 29

Updates on NICVA's activities relating to the EU Referendum

Featured Members 29

NICVA is a membership organisation which seeks to represent voluntary and community organisations throughout Northern Ireland. We regularly feature our members to highlight their work and the impact they make on their beneficiaries and society. To find out more about NICVA members or becoming a member, visit our Membership page.

Media 25
Viewfinder (Research) 24

Viewfinder is NICVA's snapshot survey of our members about topical issues.  Completed viewfinder reports are listed below and you can find our other research reports on the Research Hub.

Joint Forum 22

The Joint Forum Voluntary and Community Group (VCG) is made up of 15 representatives from around the sector. The VCG meets with the government departments three times per year as the Joint Forum. The VCG also meets independently before each Joint Forum meeting. We’ll provide updates on the work of the group here.

State of the Sector 22

The definitive resource on the size, scope and finances of the Northern Ireland Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector 

explore state of the sector

Explore the latest State of the Sector here

HR 21

We provide HR advice and guidance on a range of topics to help voluntary and community organisations deal with HR matters effectively. We also provide examples of HR policies through publishing our staff handbook. You can find out more about HR issues on our HR hub.

Brexit 19
Collaboration 19

We offer practical advice to assist organisations involved in or considering collaboration or mergers. You can find out more on our CollaborationNI webpage.

Justice 19
Research 19
Social Media 19
Governance Advice Notes 17

Our Governance and Charity Advice Team has produced these essential guides to good governance, covering everything from setting up a group and achieving charitable status to best practice on committees.

CutsWatchNI 16

CutsWatchNI maps the impact of public sector spending cuts on voluntary and community groups in Northern Ireland. It is designed to highlight the impact of cuts on both organisations and communities. If your organisation is affected by the cuts, report the impact here.

Human Rights 16


Policy Manifesto 16

The NICVA policy manifesto that  sets out a comprehensive challenge to all of the political parties and covers the most pressing social, economic and environmental issues that we as a society face. For more information on our policy work, visit our dedicated Policy page.

cyber security 14
Finance 14

We aim to provide the sector with up-to-date information and guidance to help with sustainable financial management.

NJC Payscales 14

NICVA (Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action) is the lead representative and membership body for charities, voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland. We provide information on HR and regularly monitor and report on the latest developments with NJC payscales.

For organisations using NJC payscales, please see the 2018 - 2020 version here.

Our latest articles on NJC Payscales:

Public Expenditure 13
Lobbying Bill 11

The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill (Lobbying Act) received Royal Assent on 30 January 2014 and changed a number of rules for non-party campaigners and their activities during election periods. Resources here keep members up to date with updates in relation to the Act. For further information visit our Policy page.

Pensions 11
Salaries 11
Shared Services 11
skills 11
skills development 11
Social Issues 11
Volunteering 11
Work Life Balance 11

A good work life balance is central to being able to recruit and retain your staff. Developing a positive work life balance culture will help your organisation in terms of avoiding stress among staff, ensuring people can have a balance between work and family life and making sure staff are motivated in their work. 

Charitable giving 10

NICVA's Charitable Giving Survey researches how much money people in Northern Ireland donate. It looks at what charities individuals donate to, how they donated and why. For more information on research undertaken by NICVA, visit our Research page.

General Employment Issues 10

We provide HR advice and guidance on a range of topics to help voluntary and community organisations deal with HR matters effectively. We also provide examples of HR policies through publishing our staff handbook. This section offers guidance on the most common employment related issues.

Public Sector Reform 10
Public Service Delivery 10
4th Industrial Revolution 9


local government reform 9
Employment 8
Social Enterprise 8
15 Asks for the Executive 7

In 15 Asks for the Executive we focus on a range of issues the current Executive can either complete or significantly progress before the June 2016 Assembly elections. We aim to take each 'ask' and explore them in greater detail.

Adult Learning 7

NICVA recognises the important role that adult learning plays in the economic and social life of Northern Ireland. Learning strengthens local organisations and this helps build better communities and we offer a full calendar of training throughout the year to help further this. NICVA are also members of The Forum for Adult Learning NI (FALNI).

Budget Asks 7
culture 7
Detail Data 7
Conduct and discipline 6
Expensive lending 6
fundraising regulation 6
Health and Safety 6
Rates 6
Salary Survey 6

This study looks at changing salary and employment benefit trends in the voluntary and community sector. We develop and circulate the questionnaire, analyse the results and write the final report. The latest findings from NICVA’s Salary/ Workforce Survey can be found on our State of the Sector hub.

Technology 6

Technology offers huge benefits and opportunities for the voluntary and community sector from transforming the way an organisation manages its operations to enabling delivery of more efficient and effective services. We offer support and guidance on accessing free and low cost technology and computer security. For more information visit our ICT hub.

Young People 6
accounting 5
Bureaucracy 5

NICVA are part of the Bureaucracy Project Board and the Bureaucracy Working Group, established in response to the NI Audit Office report on the relationship between government and the sector. Both the Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee reports agreed that excessive bureaucracy with ever increasing demands over the years has skewed resources from the actual funded activity to over reporting. We'll provide regular updates in this section.

Childcare 5
Data Fridays 5
impact 5
Public Procurement 5
regulation 5
security 5
Social innovation 5
trustees 5
#NICVAPeople 4
Charity commission 4
Children 4
leadership 4
membership 4
Merger 4
Open Data Portal 4
Open Government 4
Policy Hack 4

Policy hacks are new way of bringing people together to share ideas and develop solutions to some of Northern Irelands most pressing social, economic and environmental problems. We have a range of hacks coming up - full details here: 

support 4
Unemployment 4
Climate Change 3

From 2009 through to 2012 NICVA, in partnership with Stellar Leadership and University of Ulster, delivered the International Fund for Ireland’s (IFI) Community Leadership Programme (CLP) to 97 grassroots community groups from across Northern Ireland and the six border counties of the Republic of Ireland. The aim was to work with groups in areas of disadvantage and weak community infrastructure to build leadership and management capacity.

cyber essentials 3
Data Sharing 3
Housing 3
Justice; Social Policy; Sector Issues 3
management 3
Redundancy 3
Sector Issues; Funding 3
Social Care 3
spam 3
Transport 3
volunteers 3