cyber security

Workshops: Developing cyber resilience in the voluntary and community sector

22 Feb 2019Stephen Gray General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ICTcyber security

As our ability to harness technology and digital services for voluntary and community activity grows so too does the challenge of keeping our organisations safe from cyber fraud and data breaches.

Tips and tools to check links in emails without clicking

17 Dec 2018Ian Kelly ICTspam, cyber security, email, link

Despite knowing all the perils of spam, phishing and malware-laden emails you will still get one that looks fairly good but you are rightfully suspicious and cautious of the content. What can you do to check for yourself?

Spammers Target NI Charities

14 Nov 2018Ian Kelly ICTcyber security, spam

NI Charities and public bodies are being impersonated in order to spread Malware, along with other email extortion tactics in a recent twist to email spam.

Data Protection Toolkit - Personal Data Breaches: are you prepared?

15 Jun 2018Bob Harper General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Data protection, cyber security

Whatever security measures you might have in place, you can never be 100% safe from a breach. A breach could lead to an investigation from the regulator, resulting in potential enforcement action against your organisation. Being prepared is essential.

Spam email offering supposed Attendee List for fake NICVA event

1 Jun 2018Stephen Gray ICTcyber security

We've had a couple of reports about a spam email that sent from "Mina Wylie, Marketing Executive" offering attendee lists for a supposed NICVA event. 

GDPR and Encryption

31 May 2018Ian Kelly General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)GDPR, Encryption, cyber security

With GDPR now in effect, appropriate technical measures including, but not limited to encryption in certain forms will be a requirement. This guide is to help reduce the confusion surrounding the different types.

Cyber Security: Small Charity Guide

28 Feb 2018Stephen Gray ICT, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)cyber security

Protect your organisation from the most common threats by following the National Cyber Security Centre's guide for small charities.

Cyber Security is a key issue for Charities: take action with the Charity Discount for Cyber Essentials Accreditation Programme

7 Sep 2017Shauna O'Neill Communications, ICTcyber essentials, cyber security

During Cyber Resilience Week 2017 (11-15 September 2017) charities are being offered discounted certification to the Government’s Cyber Essentials certification scheme, which is proven to reduce the threat of data breeches by over 80%.

NICVA becomes 1st charity in NI to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

4 Apr 2017Ian Kelly ICTcyber essentials, cyber security

NICVA recognises the importance of a secure infrastructure and data in an insecure world, therefore we are proud to announce that we are certified and fully compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme.

Cyberfraudsters are targeting Northern Ireland charities

19 Dec 2016Andrew Talbot ICTsecurity, cyber security

One of NICVA’s members was recently the victim of a highly sophisticated cyberfraud.