NICVA's Centre for Economic Empowerment (CEE) programme is a think-tank, set up to help the sector become better informed about economic issues and take part more effectively in economic policy debates. We carry out research, and run training courses and masterclasses on a wide range of currrent economic issues.

The Return of Social Responsibility

12 Oct 2012Eoin Rooney Centre for Economic EmpowermentEconomy

The concept of ‘personal responsibility’ is commonly invoked in discussions of social, moral and economic matters.

Viewfinder 12

14 Jun 2012Andrea Thornbury ResearchEconomy, Funding, Social Enterprise, Training, Viewfinder (Research)

This viewfinder survey focuses on the current economic environment and competition, the impact of public sector cuts, sources of income in the sector, training provision, social enterprises, staffing and volunteers.

Viewfinder 9

22 Nov 2010Andrea Thornbury ResearchCharity Regulation, Governance, Collaboration, Economy, Viewfinder (Research)

This Viewfinder survey looks at awareness of the new Charity Commission and preparedness for the new regulations; the Code of Good Governance; collaborative working and mergers; the impact of the economic recession and volunteering.

Impact of the Recession - Case Studies from the Sector (2010)

20 Apr 2010Andrea Thornbury ResearchEconomy

This research investigates how the impact of the recession is affecting organisations within the voluntary and community sector, and how these organisations are dealing with these effects.

The Impact of Recession on the Sector (2009)

10 Nov 2009Andrea Thornbury ResearchEconomy, Funding

This research provides a snapshot of the emerging impacts of the recession on the voluntary and community sector.

Viewfinder 8

22 Apr 2009Andrea Thornbury ResearchEconomy, Collaboration, Merger, Viewfinder (Research)

This viewfinder survey focuses the impact of the current economic downturn on the voluntary and community sector.