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Street Collections – Police issue reminder regarding Regulations

22 Jun 2017Denise Copeland Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance, fundraising regulation, Fundraising

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is responsible for granting permits for charity street collections and as such, have issued the following guidance to assist charities when conducting street collections.

Fundraising Regulator to oversee Charity Fundraising In Northern Ireland

16 Jun 2017Sandra Bailie Fundraising RegulationFundraising, regulation, fundraising regulator, standards, code of practice

NICVA is pleased to announce it has invited the Fundraising Regulator to oversee and regulate fundraising in Northern Ireland.

The Journey of Fundraising Regulation in NI

6 Jun 2017Sandra Bailie Fundraising Regulationfundraising regulation, Fundraising, regulation

Since September 2016 we have been consulting with the NI sector and we are pleased to announce that the Fundraising Regulator now has responsibility for fundraising regulation in NI.

Consultation on the code of fundraising practice

3 Apr 2017Sandra Bailie Fundraising Regulationcode, Fundraising, best practice

The Fundraising Regulator is carrying out a consultation on the Code of fundraising practice with responses due by 28 April.

Feedback from Fundraising regulation consultation meeting

27 Mar 2017Lynn Kennedy Fundraising Regulationfundraising regulation, Fundraising

Nineteen people attended a consultation meeting in NICVA to discuss the options for fundraising regulation in NI. For those that were unable to attend, below is a summary of the main points of the discussion.

Key Messages from the Fundraising and Regulatory Compliance Conference

24 Feb 2017Sandra Bailie Fundraising Regulation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Fundraising, consent

This conference was organised by the three regulators to set out the regulatory requirements and expectations for fundraising bodies and their boards under current and forthcoming data protection legislation. 

Options Paper for Fundraising Self-Regulation in Northern Ireland

10 Feb 2017Sandra Bailie Fundraising RegulationFundraising

This paper outlines the options for Fundraising Self-Regulation in NI. The Working Group is seeking to engage the sector and consult until 31 March, in order to make recommendations on the most suitable option for NI.

Feedback from roundtable discussion at Fundraising Regulator event on 9 September

20 Sep 2016Sandra Bailie Fundraising Regulation, Fundraisingfundraising regulation, Fundraising, consultation

The roundtable discussion followed on from presentations by NICVA, CCNI, Fundraising Regulator for England and Wales and the Scottish Working Group at the consultation event on 9 September.

Feedback on NICVA's Fundraising Regulator Consultation (9th September 2016)

12 Sep 2016Lynn Kennedy Fundraising Regulation, FundraisingFundraising

On 9th September 56 trustees, CEOs & fundraisers took part in a consultation event on fundraising self-regulation for NI: this article is a brief distillation of the discussions which ensued.

Update on fundraising self-regulation in Scotland plus a look at setting up a new NI Fundraising Regulator

8 Aug 2016Lynn Kennedy Fundraising Regulation, FundraisingFundraising

This article looks at how Scotland partially eschewed the Fundraising Regulator in favour of its own system & looks at another NI option: setting up a NI Fundraising Regulator.