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The Charity Commission endorses Code of Good Governance

14 Apr 2014Denise Copeland Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance, Charity Regulation

The revised Code of Good Governance was launched for consultation by the Developing Governance Group (DGG) at a seminar on Thursday, 10 April 2014.

Viewfinder 13

26 Nov 2012Andrea Thornbury ResearchEconomy, Funding, Charity Regulation, Governance, Viewfinder (Research)

This viewfinder survey focuses on the current economic environment, funding, the new charity regulations and governance.

Viewfinder 9

22 Nov 2010Andrea Thornbury ResearchCharity Regulation, Governance, Collaboration, Economy, Viewfinder (Research)

This Viewfinder survey looks at awareness of the new Charity Commission and preparedness for the new regulations; the Code of Good Governance; collaborative working and mergers; the impact of the economic recession and volunteering.

Viewfinder 7

1 Oct 2007Andrea Thornbury ResearchGovernance, Collaboration, Viewfinder (Research)

This Viewfinder covers issues such as the smoking ban, devolution in Northern Ireland, the issue of a draft Code of Governance for the voluntary and community sector, as well as the idea of mergers.

Viewfinder 6

1 Sep 2006Andrea Thornbury ResearchFunding, Governance, Viewfinder (Research)

This Viewfinder survey deals with issues as the summer marching season, the end of academic selection and training of board members.

Viewfinder 4

1 Jul 2005Andrea Thornbury ResearchFundraising, Governance, Viewfinder (Research)

This Viewfinder survey examined the voluntary and community sector on a range of issues, including smoking, political situation, policy debate, governance and fundraising.

Viewfinder 1

1 Dec 2003Andrea Thornbury ResearchViewfinder (Research), Funding, Governance

Viewfinder 1 investigated the political situation in Northern Ireland, the possible introduction of Peace III, the level of engagement by business on committees and the level of preparedness of the sector for the introduction of the Euro.