Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together - 12 month progress report from the Department of Health

25 Oct 2017Neil Wilson Transforming Our Health, Policy & Public AffairsHealth

The Department of Health has reported on the progress to date of the Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together vision. 

Postcode care lottery for people living with Huntington's Disease

5 Oct 2017Andrea Thornbury Detail DataHuntington's Disease, Health, Health Trusts

A DECADE after the urgent need for five Huntington’s Disease co-ordinators in Northern Ireland was identified in a report – at least 48 patients with the rare brain condition have no access to the specialist support because of where they live.

Northern Ireland Health Transformation Process: an Update on progress from the Department for Health

13 Sep 2017Transforming Our Health, Policy & Public AffairsHealth

On 25 October 2016, the then Minister of Health, Michelle O’Neill launched “Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together”.

Living with HIV in Northern Ireland

19 Oct 2016Andrea Thornbury Detail DataHIV, Health

NEW statistics show that 934 people are now known to be living with HIV in Northern Ireland – the highest number ever on record.

Suicide deaths in Northern Ireland highest on record

29 Jul 2016Andrea Thornbury Detail DataSuicide, Health

THREE hundred and eighteen suicides were registered in Northern Ireland during 2015 – the highest annual death toll since records began in 1970.

Multiple Sclerosis: the wait to be seen

15 Feb 2016Andrea Thornbury Detail DataOpen Data, Health, Multiple Sclerosis

The mental and physical health of thousands of people living with Multiple Sclerosis in Northern Ireland is being put at risk by long waits for appointments with specialist doctors.

Older people: "undervalued, unappreciated, patronised"

8 Oct 2015Nick Garbutt Sector Issues, Health

Claire Keatinge has plenty to say as she reflects on her four years in office as Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland.

Health reform quietly gathers pace

25 Sep 2015Nick Garbutt Health, Sector Issues

Behind the headlines progress is being made in implementing the flagship Transforming Your Care programme, Scope reports. 

Should we have the right to die on our own terms?

5 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Health, Social Policy, Equality

Debate about right to die - and the right to help our loved ones do so, if they wish - is growing in the UK. Scope looks at a deceptively simple point of principle and its complex fine details.

Crisis Fund: can a little go a very long way?

31 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Health, Mental Health, Sector Issues, Community Relations, Funding

Earlier this year OFMdFM released a small amount of funds to help vulnerable ethnic-minority migrants in crisis. Scope speaks with fund administrators the Red Cross about its success.