Open Data

Open Data is data that for anyone can use, reuse and share. We think that open data (and the use of data in general) brings huge benefits to the voluntary and community sector, as well as society in Northern Ireland. That's why we run the Detail Data project and ODI Belfast.

Two years of death and serious injury on Northern Ireland’s roads

14 Aug 2015Andrea Thornbury Detail DataOpen Data, Rural issues

The second Detail Data story Two years of death and serious injury on Northern Ireland’s roads was published yesterday.

Detail Data Launch

30 Jun 2015Andrea Thornbury Detail DataOpen Data

A new programme funded by Big Lottery Fund NI to support voluntary and community organisations understand and use open data effectively to create and enhance social, economic and environmental value was launched yesterday.

Belfast joins Open Data Institute global network

27 May 2015Elizabeth Hendron Detail DataOpen Data

Belfast has joined 20 cities across the globe by joining the Open Data Institute’s global network. NICVA will be developing a new learning and network node at their north Belfast headquarters, offering training right across Northern Ireland.

How can open data benefit Northern Ireland?

6 May 2015Bob Harper Detail DataOpen Data

As technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, people become accustomed to accessing information freely and easily.

A new open data culture in Northern Ireland

23 Mar 2015Andrea Thornbury Detail DataOpen Data, Open Government

In the past 20 years open data has gained in popularity with citizens proclaiming their right to access data and governments around the world increasing the amount of data that they release as ‘open’.

Open Government: is necessity the mother of invention?

27 Nov 2014Nick Garbutt Public Sector Reform, Public Service Delivery, Open Data

Paul Braithwaite, Development and Implementation Officer, Building Change Trust, looks at whether an Open Government could be the step change that Northern Ireland needs.

NICVA Partner With The Detail On Lottery Funded Project

29 Sep 2014Elizabeth Hendron Detail DataOpen Data

A project that will use the power of information to allow the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland to better support people most in need has been awarded a grant of £500,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.

Open Data - an ongoing revolution

15 Sep 2014Ryan Miller Open Data

The influence of open data is increasingly driving policy - and improving enterprise. So, what is it, and how can it help the third sector?

Viewfinder 16

24 Apr 2014Andrea Thornbury ResearchViewfinder (Research), Charity Regulation, Open Data, Funding

This viewfinder survey focuses on prompt payment for grant claims, charity registration, open data and the role of media in influencing public opinion