2017 General Election

5 Jun 2017Jenny McEneaney Policy & Public AffairsPolicy

People go to the polls this Thursday to vote in the General Election. Much of the focus has been on the two main national parties however each of the regional parties's manifestos are available below:

Right to Rent

22 May 2017Jenny McEneaney Policy & Public AffairsPolicy

The Right to Rent law was introduced in England on 1 February 2016. It makes it a statutory requirement that all private landlords must check new tenants have the right to be in the UK before renting out their property. 

Fresh Start Initiative - A Programme for Women Involved in Community Transformation

10 May 2017Shauna O'Neill Policy & Public AffairsPolicy

The Department for Communities (DfC) will be facilitating a series of stakeholder engagement events to seek views on the development of a programme providing support for women wishing to be involved in community transformation.

Business and civic society make urgent appeal to local politicians

11 Apr 2017Policy & Public AffairsPolicy

During the month of April nineteen years ago, people across Northern Ireland were presented with an amazing agreement which would deliver a path for peace and prosperity in the years ahead.

NICVA Conversation Zone at #AP2017

23 Mar 2017Jenna Maghie Policy & Public AffairsPolicy

We are excited to once again be hosting our Conversation Zone at the Alliance Party Conference, tomorrow (25th March) at the Stormont Hotel.

Results of NICVA's Funding Watch Survey

22 Mar 2017Rachel Shannon ResearchViewfinder (Research), Funding Watch, Budget cuts, CutsWatchNI, Policy

NICVA recently ran a Funding Watch survey which assessed voluntary and community organisations current statutory funding situation and the likely impact of uncertainty and/or funding cuts. This article presents the survey findings.

#AE17: Who are our new MLAs?

7 Mar 2017Jenna Maghie Policy & Public AffairsPolicy

On Friday 3rd of March 90 MLAs were elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly, a reduction of 18 from the 108 returned at #AE16. 

Brexit – How will it affect you?

22 Feb 2017Brexit & Beyond, Policy & Public AffairsPolicy, EU Referendum and Brexit

The terms under which the UK will leave the European Union following last year’s EU referendum result will impact on a huge range of areas of public life and, by extension, on a huge range of the sector’s activities and areas of concern.

Future Funding Watch – Calling for evidence from the sector

22 Feb 2017Policy & Public AffairsPolicy, Funding

Less than two years after NICVA’s 2015 Cutswatch campaign, we may be facing into yet another funding crisis for the community and voluntary sector. 

Lobbying Act and the 2017 Assembly Elections

18 Jan 2017Jenna Maghie Policy & Public AffairsLobbying Bill, Policy

Now we have a date for the 2017 Assembly Election, voluntary and community organisations should once again make themselves familiar with the provisions of the Lobbying Act and how they may affect your work in the run up to the elections.