RO:COP Lobbying and Campaigning Roundtable Networking Event

13 Nov 2015Roisin Kelly Reaching Out: Connecting Older PeoplePolicy

The bi-annual RO:COP roundtable event took place on Wednesday, 11 November in NICVA and was a great success.

Manifesto Engagement Events

15 Oct 2015Jenna Maghie Policy & Public AffairsPolicy, Policy Manifesto

As the 2016 Assembly Elections approach many organisations in our sector will already in engaged in the process of writing their manifestos and talking with political parties to influence the content of their manifestos 

Twitter workshop with Nick Pickles, Head of Policy at Twitter UK

13 Oct 2015Jenny McEneaney Policy & Public AffairsPolicy

A workshop in collaboration with the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building which covered campaigning best practices on the platform. 

Fourth Data Story: People seeking asylum in Northern Ireland

2 Oct 2015Bob Harper Detail DataPolicy

Almost 500 refugees, a record number, from countries across the world are currently seeking asylum in Northern Ireland.

Public perceptions of charities, using open data

1 Oct 2015Bob Harper Detail DataOpen Data, Policy

One of the many benefits of Open Data is that users are free to combine and explore similarities between overlapping datasets.

Proposed new accounting regulations will affect ALL charities

14 Sep 2015Denise Copeland Charity RegulationCharity Regulation, Policy

New rules for the accounting, audit and reporting of all charities are currently being consulted on. These proposed new rules will have an impact on every charity, especially small to medium sized charities.

Concordia responds to current political crisis

8 Sep 2015CommunicationsPolicy

Press statement issued by Concordia, representing CBI Northern Ireland, Irish Congress of Trade Unions, NICVA, and Ulster Farmers’ Union.

Review of regional support to voluntary and community organisations

1 Sep 2015Jenny McEneaney RISP, Public Sector Reform, Policy & Public Affairs, Joint Government and Voluntary Sector Forum (Joint Forum)Joint Forum, RISP, Policy, Public Sector Reform

VCU is initiating a review of its arrangements for supporting the Voluntary and Community Sector through the Regional Infrastructure Support Programme (RISP) to ensure arrangements are fit for purpose for the next 5-7 years. 

DOJ Departmental Monitoring Group

24 Aug 2015Jenny McEneaney undefinedPolicy

The first DOJ Departmental Monitoring Group was held in NICVA on Thursday 20th August.

Innovation Lab: A Review of Business Rates

20 Jul 2015Jenny McEneaney Public Sector Reform, Policy & Public AffairsPublic Sector Reform, Rates, Policy

NICVA was invited by the Public Sector Reform Division in DFP to participate in an innovation lab on a fundamental review of business rates.