Sector Issues

Pulling a stroke?

26 May 2015Nick Garbutt Media, Sector Issues

Scope analyses the controversy surrounding the Stroke Association’s shocking claims about stroke rates amongst people of working age and asks if great advocacy can become bad science. 

How American non profits are getting politicians to sit up and notice

13 May 2015Nick Garbutt Sector Issues, Politics

As cuts deepen should the sector lie down and take it, disappear into silos, with everyone fighting everyone else for scraps, or is there a better way? 

Sector needs to act on mental health of staff

28 Apr 2015Guest Author Sector Issues, Mental Health

Professor Peter McBride chief executive of the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health (Niamh)  argues the Third Sector must act now to stave off a mental health crisis amongst employees following cuts. 

BIG new youth fund has fresh focus

19 Mar 2015Ryan Miller Funding, Sector Issues

Collaboration with youth at every stage is a new requirement for any groups looking to access some of the Big Lottery's new £50m pot aimed at Empowering Young People.

A lost opportunity: how the public sector could grow the economy by promoting innovation

19 Mar 2015Nick Garbutt Sector Issues

The public sector currently spends £2.7 billion a year. Scope examines how this massive spending power could be used to grow the economy and produce better services

Sticking to the knitting: the real threat to charities

13 Mar 2015Nick Garbutt Sector Issues

Scope examines how government is undermining the independence of charities.

Is Lottery funding being undermined?

19 Feb 2015Nick Garbutt Sector Issues, Funding

Across the Irish Sea moves are afoot that could threaten the National Lottery and the charities in Northern Ireland that depend on its funding, Scope investigates

Charity Commission verdict on sector

5 Jan 2015Nick Garbutt Charity Regulation, Governance and Charity AdviceSector Issues

Charity Commission Chief Executive Frances McCandless talks to Scope about CEO pay, governance and registration.

Where the Big Lottery millions will go

25 Nov 2014Nick Garbutt FundraisingFunding, Sector Issues

Early next year the Big Lottery Fund will unveil its spending priorities for the next six years with more than £100 million at stake, Scope caught up with Northern Ireland director Joanne McDowell to read the runes.

Charities: how the public rate us

22 Oct 2014Nick Garbutt Sector Issues

People in Northern Ireland do not understand how charities are funded nor how they are run, according to a new survey carried out by MORI on behalf of NICVA in the wake of the chief executive pay controversy.