Viewfinder (Research)

Viewfinder is NICVA's snapshot survey of our members about topical issues.  Completed viewfinder reports are listed below and you can find our other research reports on the Research Hub.

Viewfinder 4

1 Jul 2005Andrea Thornbury ResearchFundraising, Governance, Viewfinder (Research)

This Viewfinder survey examined the voluntary and community sector on a range of issues, including smoking, political situation, policy debate, governance and fundraising.

Viewfinder 3

1 Jun 2004Andrea Thornbury ResearchMerger, Finance, Gift Aid, Public Service Delivery, Viewfinder (Research)

Viewfinder 3 showed underutilisation of Gift Aid schemes, annoyance at the difficulty faced when attempting to secure media coverage of issues and events, and a sector unsure of its future role in the delivery of public services.

Viewfinder 2

1 Mar 2004Andrea Thornbury ResearchBureaucracy, Community Relations, Viewfinder (Research)

The second Viewfinder has providing an insight into the views of the sector on issues such as Community Relations, Taskforce, 60 Day Action Team and Civil Society.

Viewfinder 1

1 Dec 2003Andrea Thornbury ResearchViewfinder (Research), Funding, Governance

Viewfinder 1 investigated the political situation in Northern Ireland, the possible introduction of Peace III, the level of engagement by business on committees and the level of preparedness of the sector for the introduction of the Euro.