Welfare Reform

The proposed welfare reforms have been widely described as the most radical shake up of the social security system in over 40 years. The aim of the reforms and subsequent Bill is to simplify the benefits system, improve work incentives to encourage claimants to move from benefits to work and reduce administration costs. However, the implementation of the changes will impact upon a significant percentage of the working age population in Northern Ireland.

Rate Rebate Replacement Scheme Consultation

26 Jan 2015Bob Harper Policy & Public AffairsWelfare Reform

The Department of Finance and Personnel is consulting on options to replace the current rate rebates scheme in the long-term. NICVA hosted an event on 19 January 2015 for representatives from the voluntary and community sector.

Heenan Anderson Commission Consultation

20 Jan 2015Elizabeth Hendron Policy & Public AffairsPublic Service Delivery, Welfare Reform, Adult Learning, Economy

The Heenan-Anderson Commission has been set up to look at the causes of the current levels of economic marginalization and deprivation in Northern Ireland.

Welfare Reform - Learning from Scotland

30 Oct 2014Jenna Maghie Policy & Public Affairs, Welfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform

A list of relevant government and third sector links to the impact of the reforms in Scotland.

Welfare Reform Debate Focuses on People Affected by Cuts

29 Oct 2014Elizabeth Hendron Welfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform, Welfare Reform

At NICVA's recent conference the debate around welfare reform focused on the people here who will be most affected by the reforms and the plans that need to be made to ensure they do not fall further into poverty.

Food banks: A good or bad sign of the times?

22 Oct 2014Nick Garbutt Welfare Reform

The biggest growth area for the charitable sector over the past few years has been that of food banks. Bob Stronge chief executive of Advice NI says there will be many more once Welfare “Reform” kicks in.

Welfare Reform Explained

7 Oct 2014Welfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform, Welfare Reform

Our welfare reform report has once again been in the headlines, below we clarify some of the main points.

NICVA Calls for Full Debate on Welfare Reform Bill

24 Sep 2014Welfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform, Welfare Reform

NICVA is calling for the Northern Ireland Executive to agree its position on the Welfare Reform Bill and have it tabled in the Assembly for a full open debate.

How to survive the cuts

16 Sep 2014Nick Garbutt Welfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform

Northern Ireland is yet to feel the full force of austerity cuts and Welfare Reform is still not implemented. We spoke to the leader of England's charities to find out exactly what we can expect.

NICVA responds to Belfast Telegraph article on welfare reform

30 Apr 2014Seamus McAleavey Welfare Reform, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform, Welfare Reform

On 15 April the Belfast Telegraph carried a story on NICVA's research into welfare reform.