Charity Commission launches new stakeholder forum to connect with charities

22 Sep 2021 Shauna O'Neill    Last updated: 22 Sep 2021

Charlene Brooks, Chief Executive of Parenting NI and Vice Chair of NICVA's Executive Committee, has been appointed Chair of the Commission’s new stakeholder engagement forum.

A new forum aimed at supporting and improving communications on issues around charity law, regulation and trends has been launched by Northern Ireland’s charity regulator.

The engagement forum will hold its first meeting on 22 September 2021, with a 14 strong membership drawn from across the charity sector.

Deputy Chief Charity Commissioner, Gerard McCurdy, who will act as the main link between the forum and the Commission’s Board, has welcomed the establishment of the new group.

“As the charity regulator, we are very keen to hear from charities about what matters to them, how regulation and other issues are affecting them and what their future challenges are.

“The forum will provide a new means of facilitating those conversations, of opening up an ongoing and dynamic dialogue with the charity sector."

Charlene Brooks, Chief Executive of Parenting NI and Vice Chair of NICVA’s Executive Committee, has been appointed as independent chair of the forum.

Ms Brooks commented:

“I am delighted that, after much hard work, the new stakeholder forum is now ready to begin its work.

“This is a real opportunity for the charity sector in Northern Ireland to ensure its voice is heard by the charity regulator, with members able to draw on their wide experience to raise topics and provide feedback to the Commission.”

Under its terms of reference, the forum membership aims to represent a balanced cross section of the sector in terms of size, income, location and beneficiaries. It will meet four times a year with members serving a three year term.

The 14 member forum will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, 22 September 2021, with updates and information on members to be published on the Commission’s website as it develops.'s picture
by Shauna O'Neill

Information Officer

[email protected]

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