Tax Effective Giving

Tax Effective Giving

NICVA administers a tax effective giving scheme for charities, called Cheques for Charity

Cheques for Charity

A donation and account system for individuals and companies.

The scheme offers two kinds of Cheque for Charity accounts.

1. Individuals

  • Donations are processed for you by NICVA, and we also organise the tax rebate.
  • The tax rebate is credited to your Cheques for Charity account, giving you funds which you can use to make a further donations.
  • You receive regular statements of account.

2. Companies

  • Companies pay a sum into an account and offset the donation as a charge against income when completing a CT61 form.
  • NICVA processes and administers all donations for you.
  • Make a donation from the Cheques for Charity voucher book when it suits you.
  • You receive regular statements of account.

For more information on the tax effective value of a Cheques for Charity donation, please contact the finance team on 028 9087 7777.