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Data protection and COVID-19

By NICVA 30 Mar 2020 Bob Harper

The coronavirus pandemic will undoubtably affect how your organisation operates. Make sure that your use of personal data is in line with protection law.

CAF Coronavirus Emergency Fund

By NICVA 30 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie

In this time of national crisis, CAF has launched this rapid response Fund to help smaller charitable organisations affected by the impact of COVID 19.

COVID 19: NICVA - Update Friday 27 March 2020

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Seamus McAleavey

Latest update from Seamus on the fight against COVID 19.

NICVA Covid-19 Impact Survey 2020

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Geoff Nuttall

Voluntary and community organisations have responded to a NICVA survey issued this week to gather information on the impacts being felt by organisations due to the Covid-19 crisis and the support and guidance organisations are seeking.  

HR Update Covid19 - HMRC detailed guidance and LRA template letter for furloughed workers

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Alex Hastings

On 26 March 2020 HMRC published helpful and detailed guidance about claiming wages through their Job Retention Scheme and the Labour Relations Agency has developed a template letter for employers to use for furloughed workers. 

Fundraising advice and resources COVID-19

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie

A list of useful guidance, resources and links to websites to help you during this difficult time

Funders' Support in the crisis

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie

Many funders have demonstrated flexibility during this time. Some with extra funding, others with adjusting targets.

Funding News - COVID 19

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie

Updates on COVID-19 related funding for your organisation

Representing your Covid-19 concerns to Government

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Geoff Nuttall

NICVA is working hard to highlight to government the questions and concerns that sector organisations have been raising with us about how Covid-19 is impacting on their work and the people who depend upon them.    

Let’s #HelpEachOther: Volunteering to Support Covid-19

By NICVA 27 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie

Update from Volunteer Now on how they continue to encourage and support volunteering during this challenging time. Lots of useful resources and advice.

Online Training with NICVA - what's available?

By NICVA 26 Mar 2020 Dawn Love

NICVA Skills and Development team continue to offer training opportunities online for you and your organisation. Keep an eye on our Training Calendar for upcoming sessions.

Volunteering and keeping adults safe

By NICVA 26 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie

Volunteer Now have produced some really useful guidance on volunteering during COVID 19

COVID19: NICVA - Update Wednesday 25 March 2020

By NICVA 25 Mar 2020 Seamus McAleavey

The DfC Minister has lead responsibility for Government Voluntary and Community Sector relations.  

HR Update Covid19 - Job Retention Scheme -'Furloughed Workers'

By NICVA 25 Mar 2020 Alex Hastings

This article looks at the Job Retention Scheme announced by the Government, one of a range of financial support measures for employers.

Charity meetings during the Coronavirus outbreak

By NICVA 25 Mar 2020 Denise Copeland

Charity trustee meetings and AGMs are usually held on a face-to-face basis, however, during the corona virus period charities will need to consider public health, while maintaining good governance at the same time.

Halifax Foundation response to COVID-19

By NICVA 24 Mar 2020 Sandra Bailie

The Halifax Foundation NI board have decided to focus on their small and medium grants over the coming months in direct response to COVID-19.

HR Update Covid19 - Government support measures for employers

By NICVA 24 Mar 2020 Alex Hastings

The Government has introduced a number of measures to support employers financially during these challenging times for organisations resulting from the spread of COVID-19. 

Beware of coronavirus scams

By NICVA 23 Mar 2020 Bob Harper

Cyber criminals and scammers will take advantage of concerns and confusion around coronavirus. Beware of scams.  

Working From Home - A Practical Guide to Surviving and Thriving

By NICVA 23 Mar 2020 Lynn Kennedy

NICVA staff, including Helen McLaughlin and Lynn Kennedy, who both have more years’ experience of home working than they care to admit, share their tips.

Charity Commission issues coronavirus guidance

By NICVA 20 Mar 2020 Denise Copeland

The Charity Commission has issued important information for charities to clarify expectations while operating and reporting during the Coronavirus period. 


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