Public Affairs Forum

NICVA's Public Affairs Forum brings together those who work in policy, lobbying and public affairs in the voluntary and community sector to share ideas, practice and consultation responses, and to discuss issues around policy and policy development

NICVA provides the secretariat for the Forum, circulating and sharing ideas, papers, stories and events amongst the group.

Membership of the Public Affairs Forum is open to NICVA Members. If you are interested in participating, please get in touch with  [email protected]


Ten ways to engage with Belfast City Council

NICVA’s Public Affairs Forum recently held a session with representatives from Belfast City Council and NILGA to learn more about how our sector can best engage with the Council. Below are some useful tips for engaging.

Public Affairs Forum: Tips for campaigning in the absence of the NI Assembly

On 4 December, NICVA held the first meeting of the revamped Public Affairs Forum. This Forum brings together people working in policy, public affairs and lobbying from the voluntary and community sector.

Join our Public Affairs Forum!

We are re-launching our Public Affairs forum (previously Policy and Lobbying Forum) and are inviting new members to join!

Electoral Commission Seminar on the Lobbying Act

The Electoral Commission is hosting a seminar to explain changes to rules for non-party campaigners as a result of the Lobbying Act.

Northern Ireland’s Peers “must act” to defeat lobby bill

Charities in Northern Ireland have called on Peers in the House of Lords to radically change or vote down the controversial lobbying bill.

NI MPs vote against the lobbying Bill and House of Commons Committee calls for it to be withdrawn

Northern Ireland MPs united in their opposition to the controversial Transparency of Lobbying Bill when it was debated in Westminster on 2 September.

NICVA Urges Organisations to Contact MPs on Lobbying Bill Proposals

NICVA is concerned that the UK Government is pushing through a Bill with undue haste, which if passed could curtail essential and longstanding freedoms.

Transparency of Lobbying Bill - a threat the sector's independent voice

Seamus McAleavey has written to all NI Members of Parliament to express concerns at proposals contained in the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill.  

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