Transformative Leadership Programme

The Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP) is a 10-module accredited leadership training programme funded by the Peace IV programme through Belfast City Council (BCC). 

What is the Transformative Leadership Programme? 

The Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP) aims to build leadership skills and connections between people living and working in interface areas of Belfast in order to make change possible (click here for course content). This practical and enjoyable leadership training course has been running since Autumn 2019 in Belfast and has been attended by local people, public sector staff who work in those areas, and political sector reps. NICVA delivers it along with locally based partners across the city: Falls Community Council, West Belfast Partnership Board, East Belfast Community Development Agency and Forward South Partnership.

Upcoming dates: 

Where and when is it on?

North Belfast course (daytimes on ZOOM) starts Monday 28 March 2022.

South Belfast course (evenings on ZOOM) starts Tuesday 5 April 2022 (6.30 - 8.30 pm)  A 10 week course.

COVID-19 has meant that we have moved the Programme online - you still get the same content, and the chance to meet up with others from your interface area - in the comfort of your own home! The programme is still accredited at ILM Level 3 for those who would like to pursue accreditation. 
Interested in the programme? Fill in the Expression of Interest Form.

Who is it for?

This course brings together people from local communities, public sector agencies and those involved in politics, to build leadership skills and share ideas on how to make life better in interface areas. You just need to be:

  • Living or working in the Belfast City Council area
  • Aged 18 or over
  • Would like to learn new ways of working with people from other backgrounds and sectors in order to make life better in interface communities.

Since Autumn 2019, NICVA and partners have run multiple TLP courses across Belfast - our participants have included:   

Local residents and Voluntary and Community Sector: Participants have included: Ligoniel Improvement Association, Newington Housing Association, Cliftonville Community Regeneration Forum, Ethnic Minority Support Organisation NI, East Belfast Alternatives, Cliftonville Integrated Primary School PTFA, Women’s TEC, Ashton Community Trust, Community Sports Network, An Droichead, Mornington Community Project, Youth Link NI, Ormeau Business Park, Greater Village Regeneration Trust, Chinese Welfare Association NI, Woodvale Community Centre, Cara Friend. To find out more about voluntary and community sector experiences of the programme click here

Public Sector: participants have included: the Housing Executive; PSNI; Belfast City Council; Belfast Health and Social Care Trust; Queen’s University Belfast; Department of Justice; Department for the Economy. To find out more about public sector experiences of the programme, click here

Political Sector: the Progressive Unionist Party, SDLP, DUP, Green Party and Sinn Fein. To find out more about political sector experiences of the programme click here

Helen McLaughlin, the Programme Co-ordinator says:

“Whether you’re brand new to learning about leadership, or you’ve been involved in working to make life better in your area for many years, as a volunteer or as a professional, this course could be for you. We have now transferred to online delivery which means that this opportunity is still available and you don't have to miss out.


What will I get out of it?

  • You’ll be taking part in a world standard leadership training course designed uniquely for Belfast
  • You will learn skills and tools:
    • to explore your own personal leadership
    • to collaborate more effectively with others to make change (building relationships, managing conflict, planning together)
    • to understand local issues in the wider context
    • to explore new ways of dealing with old challenges – social innovation and what it means for interface areas
  • Because the course is part of the wider BCC Peace IV Transform for Change programme, you’ll have opportunities to take part in area-based and city wide networking events and study visits across NI, ROI and UK, when restrictions are lifted.
  • You’ll have the chance to work on a small collaborative project with others on your course
  • You’ll meet and build relationships with people from other backgrounds or sectors who are interested in addressing interface issues
  • You can gain accreditation at Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 3 (this is optional).

This ILM Level 3 accredited course provides skills and tools for working with others to addressing issues facing interface communities (Click here for details of course content). As part of the wider Belfast City Council Transform for Change programme, participants will also have the opportunity to plan projects together and take part in local and Belfast-wide events organised by the council once they have completed the programme.The course covers 10 modules which include:

Where and when is it on?

North Belfast course (daytimes on ZOOM) starts Monday 28 March 2022.

South Belfast course (evenings on ZOOM) starts Tuesday 5 April 2022 (6.30 - 8.30 pm)  A 10 week course.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up by completing an Expression of Interest form here:   

TLP Expression of Interest Form

We will then contact you to let you know if you have secured a place, and to confirm your course details.

How do I find out more?

To find out more, contact Clare Cosgrove at NICVA. Email: Tel: 028 9087 7777. 

You can also talk to our delivery partners in your area of Belfast:

  • If you're in North Belfast, it's Clare, as above
  • If you're in West Belfast, contact Gerry McConville at Falls Community Council. Email: [email protected]. Tel: 028 9020 2030
  • If you're in South Belfast, contact Briege Arthurs at Forward South Partnership. Email: [email protected]. Tel: 028 9024 4070
  • If you're in East Belfast, contact Linda Armitage at East Belfast Community Development Agency. Email: [email protected]. Tel: 028 9045 1512

Participant Stories

NICVA and our partners have now delivered the course a number of times across North, South and East and West Belfast and are delighted that participants have agreed to share their stories of their experience of the course. 

Read all our participants stories here. Enjoy the stories!


"Starting the course face to face was great, but due to the Covid-19 situation everything was put on hold. But very soon after, everything was up and running again all online, at the start I wasn't sure how it would work. Using Zoom we finished the course, it was great to get back and involved with others again. Using the breakout rooms worked great and hearing different views from others also. Guest speakers also joined us and we didn't miss out. It was well worth taking part and I would definitely advise others to take part"
Zoe Ferguson, Treasurer, Cliftonville Integrated Primary School PTA.

A participant on our Spring 2020 Crumlin Road Ardoyne Glenbryn online TLP course said: 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme, and was delighted I was able to complete the programme online. Working in Queen’s, I understand the transition from classroom teaching to online teaching has not been easy and to make it so seamless has been fantastic"
Claire Regan, QUB, participant on Crumlin Road Ardoyne Glenbryn TLP May 2020


Promotional Videos

About the programme:

Coming together:

Belfast Peace 4 programme



Last chance to take part in TLP

The Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP) funded by Peace IV through Belfast City Council has been running since Autumn 2019 and ends in June 2022.

Transformational Leadership Programme Participant Story- Ciana Bradley West Belfast

Ciana Bradley from West Belfast Partnership Board participated in the West Belfast TLP course in June 2022. The participants were from the Springfield Road interface area.


TLP Participant Story: Anna Devlin South Belfast

Anna Delvin from South Belfast Sure Start, participated in The Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP) in South Belfast from April to June 2022. 


Transform for Change final event celebrates impact

The Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP) has been running for over two and a half years in Belfast. It was part of the Transform for Change programme delivered by Belfast City Council and funded by Peace IV.

TLP Participant Story: Sam Robb North Belfast 10 Spring 2022

Sam from Belfast Exposed participated in our North Belfast 10 course in Spring 2022.

Last chance to take part in TLP

The Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP) funded by Peace IV through Belfast City Council has been running since Autumn 2019 and ends in June 2022.

TLP Participant Story: David Simpson West Spring 2022

David Simpson, from Colin Neighbourhood Partnership, participated in the TLP delivered by West Belfast Partnership Board January-April 2022. The participants were from the Colin/Dunmurry interface area.

TLP Participant Story: Esther Ogunleye North Belfast 11 Spring 2022

Esther From Swift Hearers in Belfast participated in our North Belfast 11 course in Spring 2022.

TLP Participant Story: Grainne Gibson, North Belfast TLP Spring 2022

Grainne works for HERe NI and completed the course in North Belfast in Spring 2022

TLP Participant Story: Martina Strawbridge Klapkova, South Belfast TLP Spring 2022

Martina works with Harper's Yard community pop up café and did the TLP in the Lower Ormeau and Markets area of South Belfast in Spring 2022.

TLP Participant Story: Aodhfionn McCambridge-Geraghty, North Belfast TLP Winter 2021

Aodhfionn works for Inspire Wellbeing and completed the TLP course in December 2021.'s picture

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Head of Organisational Development

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