Transformative Leadership Programme

The Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP) is a leadership training programme funded by the Peace IV programme through Belfast City Council (BCC). It runs until December 2021.

To register your interest in the programme, fill in the Expression of Interest Form.

What is the Transformative Leadership Programme? 

The Transformative Leadership Programme (TLP) is a leadership training programme funded by the Peace IV programme through Belfast City Council (BCC). It runs until December 2021.  

  • It will be delivered in 15 interface areas across Belfast. 
  • It provides skills for building collaboration and new ways of working between people in the community and voluntary sector, the public sector and political sector who want to make life better in the target interface areas. 
  • The aim is to build leadership skills and solution-focused approaches that can contribute to positive change in these communities and across Belfast.

Is it for me?

  • Are you living or working in the Belfast City Council area? 
  • Are you aged 18 or over? 
  • Would you like to learn new ways of working with people from other backgrounds and sectors to in order to make life better in interface communities? 

If the answer is “yes” to all of these questions, then this course could be for you. 

What will I get out of it?

  • You’ll be taking part in a world standard leadership training course designed uniquely for Belfast. 
  • You’ll gain leadership skills and confidence to work with people from other communities and sectors and share ideas on how to make life better in interface areas. 
  • You’ll meet and build relationships with others who have an interest in your area, and the future of Belfast more widely. This can include people from local communities, from public sector agencies such as the Council, the Housing Executive and government departments, local politicians, people involved in political parties and faith based groups. 
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work on a collaborative project with people from other sectors and backgrounds who are interested in addressing the same issues as you. 
  • You’ll have opportunities to engage more deeply in developments that affect the future of Belfast, including the Belfast Agenda. 
  • You can get accreditation at Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 3 (this is optional). 
  • You’ll get opportunities to visit other areas across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom and find out how collaborative working has led to solutions to local issues. 

What does the TLP course look like? 

Participants will have the opportunity to do 10 topics, including for example:   

  1. Transformative Leadership – what is it? 
  2. Collaboration for Transformation – working with others to make change 
  3. Transforming Relationships – building understanding and trust  
  4. Social Innovation – new ways of dealing with local challenges  
  5. Influencing Change – how do we make change happen? 
  6. Leading and Motivating your Community.
  • There will also be the option for some participants of a higher level accredited route. 
  • You’ll also have the option of attending a Belfast-wide Facilitative Leadership course. 

Is this the whole programme?

No. The TLP course is part of BCC’s wider Peace IV Transform for Change programme. This means that in addition to attending the course and being part of a collaborative project, you’ll also be invited to take part in other Peace IV events run by Belfast City Council. This includes area and City wide networking events, community engagement events and study visits across NI, ROI and UK. 

Where and when is it on?  

The TLP course is made up of 10 x 3 hour long modules, although the provider in your area may offer it differently to suit local need. Courses will be held in an accessible venue in your area.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about dates and times of TLP courses in your area, or to have a chat about whether the course is for you, you can get in touch with the contact for your area:  

  • If you are in North Belfast, contact Helen McLaughlin at NICVA. Email: [email protected]. Tel: 028 9087 7777. 
  • If you are in West Belfast, contact Gerry McConville at Falls Community Council. Email: [email protected]. Tel: 028 9020 2030. 
  • If you are in South Belfast, contact Briege Arthurs at Forward South Partnership. Email: [email protected]. Tel: 028 9024 4070. 
  • If you are in East Belfast, contact Jonny Currie at East Belfast Community Development Agency. Email: [email protected]. Tel: 028 9045 1512.

How do I register my interest?

To register your interest in the TLP, just go to the following link:   

TLP Expression of Interest Form

We will then contact you to let you know if you have secured a place, and to confirm your course dates, times and venue.

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