Our Governance

Our Governance

NICVA is governed by its Executive Committee, which is directly elected by member organisations at the Annual General Meeting. 

The Executive Committee comprises twelve persons, one third of which is elected each year. Elected candidates serve for a period of three years.  Membership of the Executive Committee is broadly representative of different interests within the sector as a whole.  The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of NICVA, developing the vision, mission and values and the organisation's strategic objectives in accordance with the Articles of Association and other legal and regulatory guidelines.

Executive Committee

The objects for which NICVA is established is to promote, develop and support the voluntary and community sector and any purpose for the benefit of the community in Northern Ireland and in any other part of the world which are, or may be deemed by law, to be charitable and in particular:

  1. To act as a representative of the voluntary and community sector in relation to government policies and legislation and in so doing promote and organise co-operation in the advancement of the above purposes and to that end bring together in Council or conference representatives of voluntary agencies and statutory authorities engaged in the furtherance of any of the above purposes.
  2. To promote and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of charities, voluntary and community groups by the provision and management for such organisations of office accommodation, conference, training, information, advice and other facilities, services or support.

Honorary Officers

President: Sir Kenneth Branagh

The actor Sir Kenneth Branagh formally accepted the invitation to be honorary president of NICVA in 2001, cementing a relationship of fifteen years.

"I've been a supporter of NICVA for many years and I'm delighted to see that the organisation is moving into the millennium with the same vision that it has employed in supporting Northern Ireland's voluntary and community sector for over 60 years.

"Supporting NICVA helps it to support more than 5,000 other voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland through essential advice, training, information and policy work. So please join me in supporting an organisation that has so much to offer to the future of Northern Ireland."

Sir Kenneth Branagh

The Belfast born, Oscar nominated, knighted actor, writer and director has demonstrated his support for NICVA many times in the past; offering his new films for charity premieres, making personal visits to boost fundraising, and promoting the work of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland

Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing a high standard of service. However, we recognise that there may be times when things go wrong. When this happens we ask you to tell us so that we can deal speedily with the problem. Please see our Complaints Procedure for details on how NICVA deals with complaints.