National Minimum and Living Wage rates increase - 2018

The national minimum wage and national living wage rates will increase on 1 April 2018

The national living wage which is for workers who are aged 25 or over, will increase on 1 April 2018 from £7.50 per hour to £7.83 per hour.  The rate depends on your age and whether you're an apprentice. The 2017 rates together with the rates as of April 2018 are detailed below:


25 and over

21 to 24

18 to 20

Under 18


April 2017 (current)






April 2018







Apprentices are entitled to the apprentice rate if they’re either:
- aged under 19
- aged 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship

Apprentices are entitled to the minimum wage for their age if they both:
- are aged 19 or over
- have completed the first year of their apprenticeship

Further information on the national and living wage can be found on the NI Direct website:


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