Examples of Offences Attracting Disciplinary Action

13 Nov 2009 Alex Hastings    Last updated: 4 Jul 2014

This article outlines examples of offences that may lead to disciplinary action for NICVA employees.

Although not intended to be an exhaustive list, some examples of breaches of discipline which may render an employee liable to disciplinary action are as follows:

  • Failing to take reasonable care of NICVA property including failing to act to prevent loss or damage to it.
  • Failing to meet NICVA conditions governing hours of duty.
  • Failing to perform duties to an acceptable standard where the duties are normally performed by that person or are known to be in the capacity of that person.
  • Refusing to carry out a reasonable work instruction.
  • Breach of confidence not amounting to gross misconduct.
  • Falsehood or prevarication.
  • Causing a serious nuisance to or offering discourteous behaviour to any staff colleague, member of NICVA or a committee member or visitor.
  • Lack of cleanliness which fellow employees might reasonably consider to be offensive.
  • Being persistently absent without leave or reasonable excuse.
  • Refusing to work normally with colleagues because of their actual or assumed problems relating to alcohol, drugs or AIDS.
  • Canvassing in the course of promotion or recruitment to NICVA’s staff for oneself or another.
  • Wilful or excessive wastage of NICVA materials.
  • Misuse of telephone or other organisational resources.
We share NICVA’s policies to assist organisations in drafting their own. However, our policies are relevant to NICVA and are not samples. They should not be replicated, but may be used for reference purposes, in conjunction with other guidance available. NICVA cannot accept any claims arising from error or misinterpretation.
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