Charity street collections can resume

9 Jul 2020 Denise Copeland    Last updated: 10 Jul 2020

Charity Collections

The PSNI has announced that street collections can recommence if collectors use a suitable object to adhere to the one metre social distancing rule. 

At the beginning of lockdown, the PSNI temporarily suspended issuing permits and licenses for street and house to house charity collections in line with the Government’s guidance on two-metre social distancing. 

Now that the social distancing measure has been reduced to one metre the PSNI has decided that street collections can recommence but not house-to-house collections. 

In a statement issued today, a spokesperson for the PSNI outlined that:

“this is on the basis that charities etc. collecting in a street can put an object (e.g. a table) in front or beside collectors to ensure there is a metre distance between them and the public.  However, this could not be done for house-to-house collections.”

The spokesperson also highlighted that a couple of the street collections regulations may be impacted as follows:

Regulation (7) – All persons acting as collectors or vendors shall occupy a stationary position at some place on the footway. Not more than two persons shall act as collectors or vendors at the same place, and no person shall collect money or sell articles within 30 yards of the place where any other person or persons are collecting or selling.

"Obviously if there are two persons collecting at the same place, they should be advised to adhere to 1m social distancing measure."

Regulation (9) – No collector or vendor shall use a table for the purpose of any collection or sale so as to cause or be likely to cause obstruction. No table used shall exceed 30 inches in length and 20 inches in width.

"As a result, charities etc. should be advised that all collectors must have a table or other suitable object in front of them to ensure there is the 1m social distancing. That said however, they should also be informed that this should not create an obstruction for other pedestrians."

Keeping your fundraisers safe

Any charity that is organising a street collection should carry out a risk assessment to consider the safety implications for both the fundraisers and the general public.  There is a risk assessment template and further guidance in the following article on Returning to work.'s picture
by Denise Copeland

Governance and Charity Advice Manager

[email protected]

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