CollaborationNI Welcomes TheatreNI

A new voice for theatre and the performing arts in Northern Ireland.

CollaborationNI are delighted that the merger of Northern Ireland Theatre Association (NITA) and the Ulster Association of Youth Drama (UAYD) completed successfully on 15 April 2015.

We wish the newly merged organisation, TheatreNI, all the best for the future!

CollaborationNI have been happy to support the UAYD and NITA steering group on its journey of change - a journey which (for us) began in July 2013 at an initial meeting with NITA and UAYD at the Arts Council for Northern Ireland. From the start we were excited by the potential of this merger and inspired by the leadership of all involved.      

Mergers do however take a long time and require a huge amount of sustained hard work and commitment on the part of all involved - the managers and the boards (and their advisers). Often, in spite of all that hard work, many do not succeed.

We are therefore particularly pleased to see that all the hard work has paid off for NITA and UAYD – and that this voluntary and community sector merger has now successfully completed.

As a consequence of the merger, there is now a new, visionary and sustainable organisation in place that will act as a voice for theatre and the performing arts in Northern Ireland.

TheatreNI will advocate on behalf of the sector to ensure that theatre is accepted as a key contributor to creating a vibrant, healthy society.

Further information on TheatreNI is available on their website –

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