Fundraising Alternatives Part 5: A Focus on Corporate and Major Donor Fundraising

The fifth in a series of articles looking at different ways to fundraise. This month Deirdre Murphy, Fundraising Advice Officer at NICVA looks at Corporate and Major Donor fundraising.

The potential of Corporate and Major Donor Fundraising

Whilst both of these areas of fundraising can be a lucrative income stream for charities; large and small alike, it does take time to develop relationships, so your time and investment may take up to three years to pay back.

What is Corporate Fundraising?

In general terms, it can be any cash or in kind donation derived from a company and there are many different forms this can take.  For example:

  • Employee fundraising: through payroll giving, a staff charity fund, organising events etc.
  • Charity of the year: the company adopts a charity to leverage all its support to during that given calendar year
  • Sponsorship: company sponsors an event or activity in return for acknowledgement
  • Cash donation: direct from the company
  • Gifts in kind: donation of useful products or services to the charity
  • Cause Related Marketing: the company links with a charity to increase the sales of a product

What is a Major Gift?

The term major gift is subjective and will be different for each charity, it is NOT only about the amount but will also depend on:

  • Size of charity: and how well known your charity is
  • Fundraising culture: the history of giving by individuals to your charity
  • Budget: your total fundraising income for the year

A major gift has the potential to return ten times over the amount of time and money you put into the relationship.

To explore these areas of fundraising further, book on to NICVA’s Corporate and Major Donor Fundraising Training session 10am to 1pm, Thursday 5th November, find out more on the NICVA website

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