Guest Blog: Claire Smyth from Will to Give asks "Are you ready for legacy fundraising?"

1 Jul 2022 Jocelyn Horton    Last updated: 5 Jul 2022

You've heard it a million times, but we're going to say it again, 'A lot has changed since the pandemic.'

For a variety of reasons, fundraising roles are changing in our local charities, with individuals taking up new roles, changes to existing roles and new faces joining the profession.

Here at Will to Give, the rapidly changing landscape of fundraising is apparent in the high number of recent requests to update contact details and new member representatives reaching out to find out more about Will to Give and legacy fundraising.

So, we thought it would be a good time to say ‘hello’ and introduce ourselves to those of you who are new to your role, new to fundraising or new to legacy fundraising.

Will to Give brings together over 60 of Northern Ireland’s favourite charities. Founded in 2011, we represent a diverse range of causes including Northern Ireland charities providing services both locally and globally as well as national and international charities providing services within Northern Ireland.

Will to Give is here to support our member charities and their Legacy Fundraisers to maximise their legacy fundraising efforts and income. As well as working with will-writers and advisors to highlight the importance of charitable gifts in Wills.

We do this through ongoing legacy fundraising and administration training, peer support, resources and events. 

Additionally, members can access the monthly Wills Notification Service Monthly Report prepared by Sector Matters which contains information on all gifts in Wills probated in Northern Ireland as well as up to date statistical data on past legacy gifts and future trends and predications.

Will to Give is managed by a Committee of dedicated volunteers who all undertake legacy fundraising for their charities; they represent a wide range of charities and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We have lots to offer both new and experienced Legacy Fundraisers and those with legacy income responsibilities. We also provide opportunities for career development through volunteer roles within Will to Give.

New organisations are extremely welcome to join Will to Give in one of our two membership tiers - Tier 1 at £295 per year and Tier 2 at £695 per year. Tier 2 membership includes our Wills Notification Service where each Tier 2 member charity receives a copy of a Will in which they have been named as a beneficiary.

The number of individuals from our member charities who can attend our training, meetings and events or join our mailing list is unlimited.

If you are new to your role or organisation, we would encourage you to check if your charity is already a member and if so, please update your contact details so you don’t miss out on WtG member benefits; email [email protected].

Or if you’re interested in your organisation becoming a Will to Give member why not set up a short ‘get to know us’ session online before completing our online membership form? We would love to e-meet you! 

You can view our full range of member benefits here.'s picture
by Jocelyn Horton

Fundraising Advice Officer

[email protected]

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