Health and Wellbeing

From providing face to face services, to advocating for those with specific health related conditions, organisations who promote health and wellbeing make up the largest part of the voluntary and community sector.


Health and wellbeing services is the largest subsector within the voluntary and community sector with 70% of organisations stating that they provide related services and 25%  providing mental health services.



An enormous variety of work is undertaken to advance health and wellbeing. These include promoting positive mental and physical health, the prevention or relief of sickness, disease or human suffering and administering conventional and/or complementary methods of treatment, including therapeutic, curative or palliative treatments.




The voluntary and community sector plays a vital role alongside statutory services in delivering health and wellbeing services as well as communicating important information about health conditions, including risks, research and the importance of screening for health conditions.



Some charities have a general health and well-being role while others  share specialist knowledge and raise awareness of specific condition as well as providing services related to the specific condition in some cases.




Click here to read case studies that demonstrate the value of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland. 

Further Research

Mental Health in Northern Ireland: Overview, Strategies, Policies, Care Pathways, CAMHS and Barriers to Accessing Services  

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Mental health and illness in Northern Ireland (3): Barriers to accessing mental health services and the role of the voluntary sector 

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