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Influence is greater than access. Voluntary and community organisations have high levels of acess to decison makers. But do we have influence?

Empathy and understanding are key traits that anyone who wants to influence policy need to develop. If you want to turn access into influence you need to have the ability to see things from another’s point of view and understand the environment they operate in.

In order to help NICVA members get an insight into key decision making processes we have developed a new series of one hour, off the record talks and conversations on a wide range of topics. The meetings will be social media free zones.

In the tradition of other pop up events, participants will know the topic for discussion, the date and time but the venue and speaker will only be revealed 48 hours before. But we can guarantee you all the venues will be accessible and reachable by public transport.

Our first event will be on the 24th March at 12.30pm and the topic will be How to think like a Senior Civil Servant...

There will be 20 places for NICVA members and you can book here.


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