Information on a no deal Brexit for voluntary & community organisations

We are now into April 2019 and the UK has not yet left the EU. The 29th March has come and gone, and we are no closer to knowing how and when the UK will leave the EU. 

The table below provides an overview of what could happen following on from the indicative voting that took place this week.

A no deal still remains a possibility, however, and exactly what the implications of this would be are still unclear. The Institute for Government has produced a briefing on what the government is doing to prepare for a no deal Brexit and the UK government has also published guidance on five ways that civil society organisations can prepare for EU exit. This includes advice on EU staff and volunteers, EU funding, personal data from the EU, import or export of goods from the EU and customs, excise, VAT and regulatory changes.

More general advice from the government on how to prepare for a no deal Brexit around everything from driving and transport, to workplace rights, to environmental protections, can be found here.

The Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit have produced this guide for third sector organisations in Wales. This document provides guidance on scenario mapping and assessing the potential impacts on your organisation, including on the workforce, impact on funding sources and finances, impact on communities in Wales and impact on policy, legislative and wider contexts.

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