Introduction to Digital - What the sector needs and how NICVA can help

6 Oct 2023 Robbie Best    Last updated: 6 Oct 2023

Picture of participants at NICVA's Intro to Digital Event.

NICVA met with digital leaders from across the UK and asked - What is digital? And what can we do to make sure our sector is maximising its potential. 

Digital is a term used a lot in our sector but what does it really mean?

This week, as part of our Future Thinking Series’ Digital Month, we met with experts from across the UK to talk about digital, what it means, what are its possibilities and what role does NICVA have in supporting our sector to maximise the benefits.

We heard from the authors of the Wired Up report about the current state of digital awareness and readiness in Northern Ireland. 

As well as this, we heard from SCVO about their long digital journey and how they’re supporting the sector in Scotland to be at the forefront of digital thinking and infrastructure.

Finally, we heard from Catalyst, a UK wide digital development network who help organisations in our sector explore digital and maximise their potential.

You can view the Catalyst slides here

All of our contributors had a range of resources and information to share, all of which we’ve complied below in a handy list of links.

NICVA’s Robbie Best, Head of Communications, and Sandra Bailie, Head of Organisational Development said: ‘It was fantastic to hear the Wired Up? Report and get such a detailed run down on where the sector is sitting with digital at the moment. This kind of information is vital if NICVA is to make an impactful intervention.

‘Hearing from SCVO and Catalyst, two undoubted experts at the forefront of this work, was not only a real privilege but also truly inspirational.

‘At NICVA, we pride ourselves in being able to identify and bring these kind of speakers to Northern Ireland and we can’t wait to bring even more.

‘The job for us now is to build on this work and to make sure our sector is at the forefront of digital – now, and into the future’.

Resources and links from the event

Wired Up Report

SCVO Digital Call To Action 3 - SCVO

Renewing Scotland’s full potential in a digital world – SCVO

Building Websites Using AI

The Digital Youth Index - Understand the Impact of Technology on Young People

SCVO's Guide to AI

SCVO's Digital Strategy Template 

Charity Digital Resources and Guides (

Free digital skills training from Catalyst

Dovetail - a directory of tech for good agencies

Free Digital Advice from volunteer experts - Digital Candle's picture
by Robbie Best

Head of Communications

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