New Free Coaching Service Launched in East Belfast

14 Jun 2021 Susan Glass    Last updated: 14 Jun 2021

Thursday 10 June saw East Belfast Community Development Agency launch a new, free coaching service, as part of east Belfast’s Communities in Transition: Building Capacity Programme.

The Coaching Framework was developed in response to a number of individuals from organisations in east Belfast who had gained an accredited ILM Level 5 Certificate in coaching as part of a previous programme (East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme), and who were keen to utilize their qualification in a practical way within their community.  Importantly in east Belfast, there is currently no coaching service accessible for local community organisations to avail of. This gap has now been met via the Communities in Transition funding. 

What is Coaching?

“ . . . Coaching is an opportunity to call a halt to the frenetic pace of doing and to refocus on being. It enables people to challenge their routines, to take a critical look at what they are doing and why, to identify and commit to new goals, and to work out how to overcome the barriers that prevent them being more effective in their work roles . . .”  David Clutterbuck and David Megginson

Speaking to Sarah Travers at the event, Linda Armitage East Belfast Community Development Agency’s Health Development Director explained the importance of coaching and her delight at having the opportunity to create this free service. She said:

“Coaching is ... really just a conversation that creates space to think, to learn and to reflect. And it helps people look to maximise their own personal and professional potential.  Coaching as a resource and a service to the east Belfast community sector will add value to the emotional resilience work already undertaken by EBCDA, which includes self-care, where coaching fits in well.”

The Coaching Framework is underpinned by the following values:

  • Community
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Kindness

EBCDA is now committed to growing a coaching culture with the east Belfast community sector, which will give individuals working in the sector here access to a free resource and service.

Who is the Coaching for?

EBCDA has formed a coaching working group, who have developed the east Belfast Coaching Framework, and are now ready to provide free coaching opportunities for the area. The service is free to individuals and organisations working in the community and voluntary sector in east Belfast - managers, directors, voluntary board and committee members, and staff and volunteers

Where can I access this free service?

To access this free service you should contact Linda Armitage at EBCDA [email protected] / / 028 9045 151

You can hear more from Linda Armitage as she talks to Sarah Travers about the importance of coaching, and the development of this free community resource.

New free coaching service launched in East Belfast from NICVA on Vimeo.

The East Belfast Coaching Framework was developed by East Belfast Community Development Agency (EBCDA) and funded as part of the Communities in Transition: Building Capacity in East Belfast

Communities in Transition is a project funded by the Executive Office and managed through Cooperation Ireland. The Building Capacity project in east Belfast has been delivered by Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action with their partners East Belfast Community Development Agency. Since March 2020, the project has supported the development of community and voluntary sector capacity in The Mount and Ballymacarrett areas of east Belfast.

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by Susan Glass

Capacity Building Programme Coordinator

[email protected]

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