NICVA can help you get started on your impact journey

8 Aug 2022 Leeann Kelly    Last updated: 11 Sep 2022

Are you an organisation that is struggling where to start with your impact journey? 

Do not struggle alone, reach out to NICVA and let us help you start your impact journey.

Learning to focus on the journey not only the summit

NICVA can offer you advice on impact practice and consider how it could work best for you and your organisation.  We understand that the idea of impact practice and measuring impact can feel like a huge mountain to climb.  It is easy to focus on the ultimate summit of what we would like to achieve, with little idea of how we will climb this mountain.  

There is a risk that impact practice and measuring impact can be viewed as largely a funder requirement and an administrative burden on scare resources.  However, to start an Impact Practice journey ultimately requires organisations to be clear about their ‘Why’, why do you exist? What do you want to achieve? And how do you get there?  As well as considering what difference are you making along the way? Oh, and does anyone know you are making a difference?

We can provide you with practical advice that sets out impact practice as a manageable journey. 

How the Impact Practice Cycle can help you improve with you do

The Impact Practice Cycle (Impact Practices: Getting Started); can help an organisation plan how impact practice can become part of your everyday activities.  Through consistently building it into your work, in a way that works best for your beneficiaries, this can be used to improve your work.  Importantly, impact practice is also about regularly telling the story of the difference you are making to beneficiaries. As human beings, we are hot wired to connect through stories and learn from them.  Impact practice offers you a way to connect with your beneficiaries and key stakeholders, as well as to inspire others.

Get in touch with NICVA if you need help getting started

If you are starting your journey and you would like practical support and tools to kick start impact practice within your organisation, get in touch with Leeann Kelly at [email protected]

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by Leeann Kelly

Impact Practice Manager

[email protected]

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