NICVA's Individual Giving Survey 2010 reveals sustained and committed charitable giving

16 May 2011     Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

NICVA’s latest research into charitable giving in Northern Ireland suggests that the number of individuals giving to charity, and the amounts donors are giving, have remained steady despite the recession. However, there still remains a number of chal


To download a PDF of the Northern Ireland Individual Giving Report please click here

Northern Ireland remains a very generous society with over eight in every ten individuals continuing to make a donation to charity, despite these being difficult economic times. One of the starkest findings from this research is that almost three quarters of all donors stated that their charitable donation is determined by their disposable income. This is more so than in previous years and in such a harsh economic environment this could pose a real challenge for fundraisers.

The Northern Ireland Giving Survey 2010 was based on 1,000 interviews with individuals (aged 16 and over) across Northern Ireland. Individuals were asked about their giving behaviour over the previous four weeks and what their motivations were for giving to charity.

This research offers fundraisers an insight into:

  • Who gives
  • How much they give
  • What causes they give to
  • The use and awareness of Gift Aid
  • Reasons for not giving
  • Perceptions of giving and the sector


Key Findings:

  • Only a small number of donors (14%) say they have decreased the amounts they give over the last year, 84% had either increased or maintained their level of giving. This reinforces how important charitable giving is in Northern Ireland, even during tough economic times.
  • 90% of individuals have made a charitable donation in the previous 12 months.
  • 83% had made a donation in the previous four weeks. This in line with the 2008 survey where 84% of individuals had made a donation.
  • The top five most popular charitable causes are: 
  1. Religious organisations
  2. Children and young people
  3. Medical research
  4. Health
  5. Disaster relief


For further information on this research please the research team at NICVA on 028 9087 7777.

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