Northern Ireland Business Groups, Trade Unions and Voluntary Sector unite to highlight benefits of remaining within the EU

22 Jun 2016 Shauna O'Neill    Last updated: 4 Oct 2016

In an eve of poll joint message, organisations representing business owners, trade unions and the voluntary and community sectors across Northern Ireland have highlighted the economic evidence, which overwhelmingly favours remaining within the EU.

CBI Director Nigel Smyth, NIC-ICTU Assistant General Secretary Peter Bunting, NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey, NIIRTA Chief Executive Glyn Roberts, NIFDA Director Michael Bell, Manufacturing NI Chief Executive Stephen Kelly and Londonderry Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Sinead McLaughlin said:

“Representing businesses, workers and the voluntary and community sector, we are firmly of the view that Northern Ireland’s future prosperity is better off within the European Union."

“We are clear that continued membership of the European Union will benefit local workers, employers, consumers and our community and voluntary sector. While we recognise that Europe is not perfect and needs reform, we believe the interests of our community and the next generation of young people seeking work is for the UK to remain in the EU."

“Virtually every economist agrees that leaving the EU would be an enormous shock, creating significant uncertainty impacting on investment and jobs. Leaving the European Single Market will put tens of thousands of jobs at risk in the future. Evidence from Oxford Economics indicates that Northern Ireland is most at risk and be most significantly impacted by a vote to leave.

  • 26,000 SMEs in Northern Ireland rely on trade into the Single Market. We want to see those businesses supported
  • 50,000 jobs in Northern Ireland could be linked to trade with the European Union. We want to see those jobs protected

“Tens of thousands of jobs can be created if we remain in the EU. All the organisations supporting this statement firmly believe that Northern Ireland's economic interests and future prosperity are best served by remaining in the EU, protecting equality of opportunity and growing prosperity for the next generation.

“We hope those entitled to vote on Thursday will vote. We also hope they will consider the economic evidence in coming to their decision on how they cast their vote in this critical referendum."'s picture
by Shauna O'Neill

Communications Officer

[email protected]

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