Over 170 legal agreements later: we build robust partnerships

170 legal agreements later we look at how engaging in this process builds belief in the visions of the collaboration. 

CollaborationNI was commissioned in 2011 we have worked with a wide range of organisations, such as the advice sector, women’s sector, homelessness and housing sector.  We have travelled across all of Northern Ireland and have worked within each of the new Super Council areas.  Throughout our work we provide legal guidance to groups embarking or engaged in partnership working.

We have drafted 170+ (as at July 2016) legal agreements in total.  These documents cover a range of legal documents from Memoranda of Understanding, Collaboration Agreements and Heads of Agreement.  These agreements can be used to underpin a collaboration, can be submitted with a tender application to funders or can be used when a funding application is awarded to set out the details of what each party is required to do or act as the building blocks of a merger.

The process of negotiating and drafting agreements in partnership with key stakeholders not only places good governance at the heart of collaboration, it builds positive relationships.  This process assists partnerships to develop a structured way forward with achievable milestones.

We can assist your organisation in all aspects of partnership working including building robust legal agreements, so please get in touch


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