Policy Manifesto 2011

NICVA, the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, is the umbrella body and development agency for the 4,500 strong voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland.

Our mission is to represent and promote the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland and to provide support and leadership to it.

NICVA’s policy priorities for the 2011 elections set out our vision for the kind of Northern Ireland we would like to see. Our vision is a positive one. It is of a place at peace with itself and of a government ready and willing to work with others to tackle the key issues that threaten our stability and prosperity.

This manifesto covers some of the most pressing social, economic and environmental issues that we, as a society, will face over the next four years. It offers positive ways in which politicians and political parties can tackle them.

We would like to thank the many voluntary and community organisations that helped inform and shape the content of this document. Our members across the voluntary and community sector have offered a challenging but achievable vision for a positive, inclusive and stable Northern Ireland and we look forward to working with government to realise this vision.

Bob Stronge

Our vision is of

  • a stable, cohesive government which works with others to take decisive action on the social, economic and environmental challenges facing Northern Ireland
  • an economy that works for everyone
  • a Northern Ireland with a strong and sustainable voluntary and community sector
  • a peaceful Northern Ireland based on equality and mutual respect
  • a Northern Ireland where the gap between the rich and the poor is eliminated
  • a Northern Ireland where the positive role of men is valued and encouraged
  • a Northern Ireland where people with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities to play a full and active role in society
  • a Northern Ireland where there is full equality between women and men
  • a Northern Ireland where no child or young person lives in poverty, disadvantage or exclusion
  • a Northern Ireland where everyone lives in a decent, settled and affordable home
  • a Northern Ireland where older people are safe and free from poverty and isolation
  • a Northern Ireland with a strong culture of lifelong learning and skills development
  • a Northern Ireland where there is equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people
  • a Northern Ireland where more people make a real impact in their local communities through volunteering in more varied and interesting roles
  • a Northern Ireland with sustainable communities, a healthy environment, vibrant seas and energy security
  • a Northern Ireland where carers are valued and supported
  • a Northern Ireland where lives are enriched by full access to all forms of art
  • a Northern Ireland with sustainable rural communities
  • a Northern Ireland with a fair, rights based criminal justice system which enjoys public confidence.

You can read the full manifesto here.

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