SEUPB Launch Public Consultation on the PEACE PLUS Programme for 2021-2027

12 Mar 2021 Kathy Maguire    Last updated: 4 May 2021

PEACEPLUS 202127Consultation

SEUPB are seeking views on the draft content of the European Union funded PEACE PLUS Programme (2021-2027), which shall be worth approximately €1bn.

 PEACEPLUS will  distribute €1BN of funding in Northern Ireland and the 6 Border counties of the Republic of Ireland from 2021-2027

PEACEPLUS will be a hybrid of the current PEACE and  INTERREG Programmes, to support similar, but also new areas of funding, from 2021 through to 2027.

Peace PLUS funding will be distributed across the following themes:

1. Building Peaceful and Thriving Communities €210M

2. Delivering Economic Regeneration and Transformation €143M

3. Empowering and Investing in Young People €110M

4. Healthy and Inclusive Communities €155M

5. Supporting a Sustainable and Better Connected Future €265M

6. Building and Embedding Partnership and Collaboration €47M

The public consultation, launched by the SEUPB on the 10th March, will allow organisations and individuals to share their views on the themes of the new PEACEPLUS Programme developed following an extensive cross border stakeholder engagement process, last year.

A full report summarising the findings from this engagement can be read here.

 SEUPB say the new PEACE PLUS programme is designed to support peace and prosperity across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland, building upon the work of the previous PEACE and INTERREG Programmes. SEUPB say it’s design reflects the importance of peace-building activity, but also the importance of actions that will contribute positively to the economy, building prosperity and adjusting to the new environment and challenges we face.

The purpose of this public consultation is to provide the public and key stakeholders, with an opportunity to share their views on the content and administrative arrangements of the draft PEACE PLUS Programme,and the findings from both the related Equality Screening Exercise and the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

How to Respond:

To help gather views, the  SEUPB will be using an Online Survey. You can view and complete the survey by visiting this link

Whilst online responses are encouraged, individuals and organisations can also respond via Email or by Post. You can obtain a consultation response survey template by emailing the PEACE PLUS Team at [email protected]  or via telephone on 028 9026 6660.

SEUPB have produced a  PEACE PLUS Consultation Information Document which gives full details of the draft content of the new programme and respondents  are encouraged to read this document before responding.  

An infographic illustrating the main themes of the draft  Programme as well as an overview of the development and consultation process is available here

You can also view an informational video by visiting here

When shall the Consultation close:

The consultation opened on the 10th March and will close at 5pm on Wednesday 12th May 2021.

Documentation relating to the consultation can also be requested in other languages and accessible formats such as MS Word, easy-read, large print, audio-CD and braille by emailing: [email protected]  or Text: 07841 367052. 

For more details visit the SEUPB webpage https://www.seupb. eu/PEACEPLUS's picture
by Kathy Maguire

Policy Development Officer

[email protected]

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