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24 Sep 2020 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 17 Nov 2020

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BITC and NICVA hosted a Back to Basics Cyber Security webinar as part of the Skills Match programme on 23 Sept. Here are some tips from it along with the webinar recording. 

Cybersecurity has never been more important – to individuals, businesses, charity and voluntary organisations – and we all need to be aware of how to be safe online so that we can continue to work, transact and socialise. Our three speakers; Joe Dolan from NI Cyber Security Centre, Richard Gill from Ulster Bank and Stephen Gray from NICVA had practical tips to keep us and our organisations safe and secure.

Cybersecurity tips

NI Cyber Security Centre

  1. Backing up your data
  • Identity what you need to back up
  • Keep back-ups separate
  • Use the cloud
  • Make it routine/regular
  1. Protection from malware
  • Anti-virus software
  • Prevent users from downloading “dodgy apps”
  • Keep everything up to date
  • Control use of USB drives
  • Switch on your firewall
  1. Keeping smart phone and tablets safe
  • Switch on password protection
  • Prepare for lost/stolen devices
  • Keep device up to date
  • Use public Wi-Fi safely
  1. Using passwords
  • Switch on password protection
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Use 3 random words
  • Help users cope with password overload
  • Change all default passwords
  1. Avoid phishing attacks
  • Configure accounts appropriately
  • Think about how you operate
  • Know obvious signs
  • Double check before acting

Ulster Bank

  • Be aware of scams
  • Never click link from company emailed or texted to you – go into secure website, search separately
  • Don’t phone the number included in text
  • Educate staff and have appropriate policies in place
  • Genuine organisations will never contact you for your personal information
  • Never allow remote access
  • Take 5 minutes – think before you act
  • Strong passwords will keep you safe, use different passwords
  • Raise awareness in your organisations and the community


  • Use the NCSC Small Charity Guide  -
  • Use different passwords for personal and work
  • Use long passwords, random words, 20 characters long
  • Information security is a governance issue, it should be part of risk management.

Questions to ask in your organisation:

  • Who is responsible for information security in your organisation? (should be a leader)
  • Is information security a standing item on your board meeting agenda? (it should be)
  • How does your organisation ensure that it is adequate resources and skills in place?
  • Has your organisation got an up to date asset register?
  • Has your organisation got an up to date risk assessment?
  • Has your organisation considered how to manage information security incidents? (need a plan in place)

Watch the webinar recording

Resources and links

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