Sports, Arts and Culture

Sports, arts and culture are intrinsic to how people feel about themselves and their place within society.

Connecting past to present or providing goals for the future, these activities can enrich, improve and inspire communities.


Sports, the arts and culture can encourage a sense of civic pride, community ownership and social cohesion within our society. They can encourage social capital and supporting communities through regular participation in events and activities, and many have played a vital role in Northern Ireland society.


Whether as a source of entertainment, or providing intellectual and emotional experiences, sports, arts and cultural activities can bring communities and people together. By encouraging participation in sporting activities, the voluntary and community sector feed helps increase a sense of community and ownership, as well as supporting an environment that enhances both physical and mental health.




Providing the opportunity to learn, socialise, entertain or relax, nearly one third of NICVA members are working to promote sports, arts or cultural activities and opportunities with nearly a quarter of these organisations benefitting more than 1,000 people per year.





Click here to read case studies that demonstrate the value of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland. 

Further Research

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