TLP Case Study East Belfast - Group 3

This group did the Transformative Leadership Programme in Autumn 2021 in East Belfast.

Before signing up to the programme, were you aware of any other similar programmes in your area?


What motivated you to sign up to this particular programme over any others?

Similar programmes have been run in the East - recommended by past participants. • Networking - to meet others working in the area.

Experience and Learning: What topics stood out for you?

Collaboration, Power and systems  and Vision.

What are you likely to ‘take back’ to your life/work in the community?

 Relationships and networking as we move, resources and be better equipped regarding how to interact with community.

How would you summarise your experience of the programme in 1 sentence or in 3 words?

Informative and enjoyable, knowledge, inspiration, ideas,  collaborate, and impact.

Is there anything you could or would do now that you wouldn’t have felt able to do before?

Able to plan a project from start to end and gaining of confidence.

Are there people/agencies you feel able to talk to and work with now that you weren’t before?

Feel like we could approach anyone else on the programme to collaborate in the future.

What difference will this make to how you engage in your interface area?

Deeper understanding of the challenges and the different factors which must be considered when working in interface area.

What difference will the course make to the interface area overall? Especially in terms of relationships, collaboration and increased understanding in the area?

Strengthened relationships of those working within the area and the project will help to bring together both sides of the community.

Which issues in particular do you think you might get involved in?

Strengthening of and more opportunities for the arts, Community Development, green space, health and well-being.

How will you apply new ways of working, ideas or approaches?

 Implementation of PESTLE(R) in our decision making and approach with long term outcomes in mind. More attention given to visioning.

To what extent do you think these changes would have occurred in the absence of this course? I.e. would you have developed these skills and be motivated to do something new anyway?

Yes, however this programme has sped things up as we have been allowed a space for networking, learning together and building relationships. A lot more thought has been given to the ‘why’ of how we’re doing things - but this programme has afforded the opportunity for more informed and collaborated approach. 

Which of these bullet points do you feel taking part in the course has most helped with the overall (you can pick as many as you want!) and say how you think the course has helped: A city equipped to promote community cohesion, reconciliation and deliver partnership shared services:

Enable, engage and empower participants from the targeted areas to become leaders in their community and champions for change. We feel let down by the lack of attendance of representatives from the council. We would also like to comment our trainers (Linda, Ashleigh, Jim and Marie Ann) who have been excellent throughout. 

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