Transformational Leadership Programme Participant Story- Ciana Bradley West Belfast

22 Jul 2022 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 15 Nov 2022

Ciana Bradley from West Belfast Partnership Board participated in the West Belfast TLP course in June 2022. The participants were from the Springfield Road interface area.



I am so glad that I went ahead and signed up for the course. I am only starting out in my career, and what motivated me was to learn about leadership and how I could develop my skills in this area as it was all new to me. What also appealed to me was the fact that this course was face-to-face and was on a Friday. I think it really helped to have the course at the end of the week, so that you finished on high and were ready for the next week's challenge again when Monday came back around. 


The main topics that stood out for me were the leadership styles and knowing that a good leader should change their style and approach, depending on the situation that they face or the person. I enjoyed learning that leadership can be learned and good leaders get to know their team members and have an interest in them personally. I also liked doing the leadership questionnaires and learning what sort of style my preference is at this early stage in my career, as well as learning about Goleman’s different leadership styles.

I have a better understanding of leadership and respect for people who lead and manage teams and the amount of work that goes on in the community sector. Also a realisation that with leadership comes a lot of responsibility, and that leadership when done right can have a very positive effect on people and organisations. 


The course has helped me learn about myself and others and has given me the confidence that I was lacking. I would now have the confidence to speak out in groups and give my opinions whereas before I would have just stayed quiet. 

In terms of engagement in my interface area, I look differently now at the interface and have more understanding of what people are going through. I have more compassion now for interface areas and understand the difficulties they face.

I think it will encourage greater understanding and more collaborative working. I like the idea of win-win scenarios that we talked about a lot during the course. This means both sides get something. I know life always doesn’t work like this, but that’s a great desire to have that everyone can feel like they have achieved and gained something.'s picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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