UK Shared Prosperity Fund NI Programme - OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS

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The Department for Levelling Up (DLUHC) has now opened the UK Shared Prosperity Fund Northern Ireland programme for applications under the programme's 'People and Skills' priority.  Read how to apply here.  

The UK Department for Levelling Up (DLUHC) announced today that the long-awaited UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) Northern Ireland Programme has opened for applications under its 'People and Skills' priority aimed at tackling economic inactivity.  Full details on this call (known as the 'UKSPF Economic Activity Competition') and how to apply are available from DLUHC though the links in their launch statement below.  Also attached is a slide pack produced by DLUHC giving further details.

DLUHC Launch Statement 14.12.22 -

Launch of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund Economic Inactivity Competition  

Today, the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities has launched the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) Economic Inactivity Competition in Northern Ireland.  

Last week, the Department launched UKSPF Investment Plan for Northern Ireland , which sets out how UKSPF will be invested in NI set out under three investment priorities; Communities and Place, Supporting Local Business, and People and Skills.  

In line with feedback from NI stakeholders and partners, DLUHC will invest significantly in People and Skills. The economic inactivity competition is seeking projects to support those furthest from the labour market into sustainable employment. 

Applications will be submitted via the online portal Citizen Space, information on the competition including how to apply can be found here. The competition will open on 14 December 2022 and close at 4pm on 27 January 2023.

DLUHC have published comprehensive application guidance alongside the competition documents, along with an overview of the competition and a walk through of the application form via a pre-recorded briefing. Please also see the published frequently asked questions.

For technical questions regarding the competition please submit to: [email protected].


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