Bikes and Minds

Bikes and Minds

Bikes and Minds provides a place where people can come and work on motorcycles, and varied projects. Sharing skills and knowledge with like-minded people. Learning new skills and putting them into practice, and enjoy making and mending. Our aim is to create an environment that people who would normally be uncomfortable or unable to seek out help would feel relaxed. Hopefully within a safe place. This is done in the setting of a fully fitted garage where men can work in a safe and friendly environment, supported by staff to make service or repair projects with professional support. Within this environment they will be helped to make social connections and friendships. To show them they are not alone all while building and sharing skills and knowledge with their peers. As a by-product of this they will hopefully reduce the feeling of loneliness, and hopefully allow men to deal with their mental health challenges. 

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07533 622733