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CLIC Sargent NI

2 children and young people in Northern Ireland will hear the shocking news that they have cancer. CLIC Sargent's aim is to reduce the impact of childhood cancer on children, young people and their families. CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly to stop cancer destroying young lives.

We know that for young lives, when the doctor says cancer, normal life stops. Cancer affects every part of life - relationships, confidence, money, school and work. We support the child, young person and their family.

Last year in Northern Ireland we supported 434 children and young people with a caner diagnosis. However as we have said family memebers are also affected so the total number of people we reached in Northern Ireland was around 1,514.

We know everyone is different, so we work hard to help when each child and young person needs it most. We shape the work we do around six core principles:

1) When the DR says cancer

2) Cancer costs

3) There's no place like Home

4) We help them thrive, not survive

5) When a child dies

6) Making change happen

CLIC Sargent receives 'No Governement Funding' and relies purely on donations.



We provide clinical, practical and emotional support every step of the way from the moment of diagnosis. We support children and young people age 0-24 years. We have a Social Care Team that works with families and FREE accommodation for families whilst their child receives treatment.

Homes from Homes:

  • In Northern Ireland we have to Homes from Home in Belfast; Paul's House - just a zebra crossing away from the Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children and Amy's House - within walking distance of The City Hospital.
  • This self-catering accommodation is offered to the immediate family free of charge. They are welcome to stay until their child's period of treatment is complete. 
  • They are large, comfy houses. They have kitchens, laundry rooms, cosy lounges and each rooms has it's own en-suite. Each room can accommodate a family.

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