Community Action for Locally Managing Stress (CALMS)

Community Action for Locally Managing Stress (CALMS)


CALMS’ vision is one of greater Derry/Londonderry where the dangers and consequences of stress are recognised; people and organisations work to prevent stress; victims/survivors of the conflict who experience stress are helped to cope and therefore not damaged by it; those working in the area of stress and its consequences do so in integrated and collaborative ways.

CALMS was established at the end of 1994 as a result of a public meeting at the Guildhall in Derry/Londonderry. It emerged as a tentative response to an expressed community need for effective support for people suffering from stress as a result of the Troubles.

CALMS mission is “To provide educative, preventative and rehabilitative programmes and services that empower individuals and organizations to recognize, reduce and manage stress effectively”.

CALMS offers a range of interwoven programmes/services that include: counselling, complementary therapies, creative and physical activities, welfare support, social outings, information seminars/health talks etc.

We work to six core principles and values: ● Welcoming and Inclusive: CALMS is a place of comfort for all, supportive of each other and non-judgmental. ● Service Quality: CALMS services match (or better) accepted best clinical/professional practice. ● Person Focused: CALMS exists to empower individuals and prevent dependency. ● Partnership-oriented: CALMS is not the font of all knowledge in terms of stress management and works positively and collaboratively with others in the field. ● Providing Value: CALMS provides value to those who engage with it, be they individuals, organizations, groups, funders or the CALMS team. ● Equality: CALMS provides equality of opportunity for all stakeholders.

Our programme provides a supportive and nurturing environment and context in which participants feel listened to, valued and their experiences validated and empathized with. This is crucial to the process of recovery and healing. The project facilitates integration and reconciliation and assists beneficiaries to work through, manage and come to terms with their feelings of anger, grief, hurt and loss so that they can move from their marginalized positions by acknowledging the past and in doing so move to future possibilities.

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